Saturday, July 10, 2010

Off to Labuan tomorrow.

1. I got my hair cut. The local saloon managed to rip my wallet off. The supposed RM6-7 haircut is priced up to RM 15. My first hair cut in 2 years.

2. Off to Labuan tomorrow. Road trip with friends. But our rally point is at Menumbok. My first trip to Labuan in 6 years.

3. The postgraduates' residential problem hits the new phase. The "Johnny Ola", Principal's messenger boys, have enough gut to literally chase out the students. Pissed me freakin' off. They were lucky I wasnt there when the scene happened.

The Johnny Ola will be identified. I promise, if they ever try to chase out my friends ever again. I'll throw some heavy metal maki hamun right on their face. With extra spits.

4. belum packing. so... off to packing now.

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