Sunday, July 25, 2010

Movie Movie Movie

Movie marathon week.

For kick off I started with Inception. It is a great movie, I must watch it again, to check out what I have missed.

I watched both Die Hard and Die Hard 2. Among Die Hard series I like Die Hard 3 the most. I have watched Die Hard 2 for several times, but I watched Die Hard for the first time last night.

Chick's movies. The Proposal, Bounty Hunter, The Ugly Truth. I love The Proposal the most. Fuhh!!! Gerrad Butler huh.. I am going to watch his other movie, Gamer.

And yesterday evening I watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice. I love the fact they combine science in this movie instead of just pure magic, spell, and goblet thingy (at least look like they do). I like it because it is much much better than Solomon Kane (I compare these two because both are about magical stuff).

Summer movies

I watched The Loser (about 2-3 weeks ago). I havent watch A-Team. I really want to watch the latter so I can compare. I dont like The Loser. It is really mediocre. Well I am being nice to label The Loser as mediocre. Actually the title speaks for itself.

Also scored, Robin Hood, Shrek 4, and Ironman 2. I missed Knight & Day and Prince of Persia.

Oh... I love Summer! Because wide variety of movies to watch. Even though my wallet is getting thinner because of it.

P/s: I type this entry by using my brother's brand new Acer laptop. Cost him big chunk of money to buy this one. I still prefer HP keyboard. Yes, HP made one of the most awesome keyboard ever. And I miss my ex Acer.

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