Monday, July 19, 2010

Labuan Trip: Part 3

What makes Labuan, Labuan? Well.. depend I guess.... Sky is extra blue there, and sometime extra windy. There are 3 things people usually buy in big bulk whenever they come to Labuan, chocolate, alcohol, tobacco.
Labuan is a chocville. Choc junkies would love this place so much.
Compare to mainland, Bier ist nicht teuer. because of duty free.
They even sold rare brand that you could hardly find in mainland.
May be up to 15 brands of beer in this shop alone. They sell 500 ml can. And big keg too.
And of course some hard stuff.
Everyone is here, Jack, Jim, Miguel, Jose... err I think, Pinoy liquor is priced as much as European.

I only bought chocs. I dont drink, so I didnt buy alcoholic products. Plus, kinda super duper weird if I walk around the town carrying plastic bag full with beer. I dont smoke, but almost bought the cheap flavoured Pinoy cigar. Well.. it is Pinoy cigar, it is priced as lower as RM 2.50 a pop. I think Cuban would cost more.

None of my friends smoke cigar. If they do, I would buy a box for them. The Pinoy of course, not the Cuban. The Cuban, even though it is duty free, still would cost me a fortune.

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