Sunday, July 18, 2010

Labuan Trip: Part 2

I just upload random photos which I took during my recent trip to Labuan.

Peace Park, Labuan.
I dont know if they labelled it right. Photo was taken in KML. I dont think Spider Lily is a native plant for Labuan or Borneo. Well.. I am not good with higher plant.
Peace Park. Heavily laced with Japanese theme. Built by the Japanese. If I am not mistaken, This was a surrender point for Japanese to British in WW 2. Masao Baba was the name of Japanese General (well that's what I learnt during my history class). I remember, when I was 10 0r 11 years old, I saw a big pond somewhere around Sungai Lada. The big pond actually caused by an impact of Japanese or British bomb in WW 2.

Bio Note: In Sungai Lada, (also when I was 10 0r 11) I heard sound of Gecko or locally known as anggak, in Indonesia they call it tokek. But I am Malaysian with thick Brunei's blood in me, so I call it anggak. Of course I was scared as hell back then. Gecko is quite popular lately, because some people claim it has medicinal value. Even my friends are looking for the poor lizard, only to be sold to local Chinese medicine parlour.

so save the gecko, before it ended in someone's bowl in Singapore or Hong Kong.

I didnt go to the Memorial Park (which is far more beautiful than Peace Park and popular too). Next time I'll go. Hopefully the next time wont take me another 6 years. hahaha.
The quiet stone wall with inscription

Running track in KML. I was walking around the kolej on beautiful sunday morning just after the subuh. In my jeans and Ajax Amsterdam's jersey.

Also from Peace Park & Surrender Point
Finally. My first time visiting UMS-KAL. I am from UMS Main Campus. The sky is extra blue here. Beautiful Sunday!. KAL= Kampus Antarabangsa Labuan. Labuan International Campus(?).
I miss this place so much. I used to hate it. Thanks for memory KML!.

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