Tuesday, July 27, 2010

At Home

I have one particular topic I want to write about. But I have to put it on hold. Since I have life to live.

I am at home, almost broke. Not yet, but getting there if I cant score any fruitful job soon. Yesterday, WWF replied to my email, to notify they have received my application. I hope I can have an interview session with them. Soon.

People from campus sort of looking for me. But as usual I dont really pay much attention to them. I am almost broke, staying in campus will drain my bank account even faster. I dont expect them to understand my situation (they never try to understand before, why expect they will now?) I just want them to know, I dont have much money left. I cant survive without money there.

Unless they have job to offer so I can earn some money, I choose to ignore most of calls from them. If they intend to make me unpaid labour, my advice, they better dont.

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