Saturday, June 19, 2010

Real man pays his bills.

1. Real man pays his bills. I dont understand why a man who doesnt pay his bills still call himself a man. I know you have 2 balls hanging down there. But if you cant pay your own bills, malu lah sikit. Worse if you are still merempat di rumah mertua (staying with in laws). So, pay your bills and be a man. Not faggot (I think even faggot pays his own bills, see faggot is better than a man who cant pays his bills).

2. I went to wedding this morning. Very early morning. The food is relatively good. Usually I dont eat at wedding, but today I liked the food. The event is still going on. Simple wedding. I always prefer simpler version of wedding. There are several events in my kampung today. Wedding, engagements, aqiqahs, and a funeral.

Congratulation to those who just got hitched.

And my condolences to the family of the deceased. Al Fatihah, semoga roh arwah dicucuri rahmat.

3. World cup 2010. I think South American teams preforms way better than European for the first round. May be the European just play safe or they are suck. Oh ya, since South Africa is located in the southern hemisphere, it is not a Summer World Cup.

If I have to choose which team will win, it is Brazil.

4. Celcom Broadband is suck as usual. I need to download several journals. And the connection is not helping me well. I finish my chapter 1, now moving to the pin-on-the-ass chapter 2. The worst part would be I have limited references. All those big books are in the Uni. This is why I hate when people question my decision to stay in the campus even after I finished my viva voce. I dont have library at home, thats why I prefer to do my correction in the campus.

Aiyyaa.... some people just dont get it. Pandai cakap saja, go scratch your sorry ass and then put your fingers into your mouth. I know what I am doing lah. With lousy internet connection here, take me hours to open my gmail inbox.

5. Home sweet home, what I love the most is the food. My mother's big big kitchen, the freezers stuffed with foods, and more food, TV and Astro, and everything seems like very spacious. Plus I really love my bedroom and my bed. Except here at home is a place to chillax not really a place to work.

I am typing this entry by using my small laptop on a very small desk for 5 years old. I dont have proper office setting here, because here is not an office. With constant pestering by my niece. Yes I confessed before how much I dont like kids. But as much I love my niece, I hate whenever she is pestering me when I am in my bedroom.

My bedroom is for me and me only. I dont spend time with real people in my bedroom. I always prefer to sleep alone remember? Untuk orang lain sila ke ruangan lain, seperti bilik orang lain atau dapur/ruang makan/depan tv.

Ok stop this mengarut with nightmare English. I need to do my correction. And still I cant open my gmail.

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