Sunday, June 13, 2010

My June Story (so far)

1. Defying Gravity at Mt. Kinabalu

I went to Mt. Kinabalu from 2-4 June. My trip was largely sponsored by AB Residential College (the college where I have been residing since emmm.. may be last December). By saying largely, I covered some portion of my expenses on my own, But their money did cover my trip well, not entirely but enough. It was my first attempt to climb Mt. Kinabalu.

I managed to drag my fat ass up to Laban Rata (More than 3,000 m alt. about 11,000 ft.). 8 torturing hours up. I was breathing like an old race horse. I didnt go to the peak, because I didnt want to. Beside I was having mild fever and I couldnt sleep well the night before we started the climb. IT WAS FREEZING!. Very very cold. By the time I reached Laban Rata (about 4.30-5.00 PM) the temperature dropped as low as 13 degrees Celsius. And it was raining.

I slept at 8.30 pm in Laban Rata. The hostel was small, you couldnt demand much at that elevation. but woke up at 10.30. Then at 1 am. The rest of the team went for their supper. I didnt. Because it was very windy, misty, and extremely cold. I think the temperature dropped below 13 degrees at 1 am. After that I bunked on my cold bed until before 6. Since I had to wait for the rest of them, I managed to enjoy morning view of Mt. Kinabalu from Laban Rata. BEAUTIFUL!.

The view is awesome, fantastic, just beautiful. Even I didnt go to the peak. But on the way up to Laban Rata, the view is amazingly beautiful. And I saw mosses. Lots of them. I love it. I saw the Giant Moss, Dawsonia longlifolia for the first time in wild. My first Dawsonia longlifolia was a herbarium specimen kept in UKMB. I saw the very common Hypnodendron, Trismegistia, Thuidium, Pogonatum, Dicranoloma, some liverworts and the common lichen, Usnea on my way up. Mt. Kinabalu has very beautiful flora indeed. The view is simply heaven.

And I think I saw Bill Keith, the fashion designer too. I think. He was very nice, greeted us on our way up, while him descended to Timpohon Gate.

The next day, we started our journey back at 12 pm. Because my team needed to catch their breaths and all. I took another 5 painful hours to reach the starting point, Timpohon Gate.

Mt. Kinabalu, I'll be back.

2. My viva voce.

When I was freezing at Laban Rata, my boss called me, told me my viva voce could be on 9th June. Yes, I was at more than 3,000 m above sea level and talked about my viva voce.

Thankfully, because of clashed schedule and yada yada. The 9th June came and went just like that. Which gave me some relief since I needed to nurse my bruises and scratches I got from Mt. Kinabalu. Took me 3 days to recover from painful muscles ache.

On 7th June, I got call confirming my new viva voce session schedule. It was on 11th June, Friday, at 9 am. Fuuuhhh!!!.. finally.

It went ok. Not awesome. More comments than questions. I survived my viva voce. The most wanted. I had been waiting for quite sometimes. I know some people wait longer than I was. It was done.

Sadly, my 6 years old computer crashed. Now I need to fix it first before proceed with another messy correction procedure.

3. Weddings

One of my childhood friend got married on 12th June. I determined to attend her wedding. She invited me, and we are practically neighbour. Her house just a stone throw from my family's. So does her family in law's house.

I usually hate wedding. But this one I didnt hate it at all. I was having blast with my girlfriends. We attended the same schools since we were 5. A small reunion.

The bride looked very beautiful beside her new husband.

Took gigabytes of photos.

Selamat Pengantin Baru to Sue and Ben. Semoga berbahagia selalu.

Beside this wedding, I attended 2 weddings last weekend (6th June). First was my friend's brother's wedding, and then my ex classmate's. Both weddings were hosted next to each other.

Congratulation to them.

School holiday is a time for lovebirds to tie the knot.

Friends who recently (or soon) changed their relationship's status to married

1. Norjizam - Terengganu
2. Zahidin & Sabriyah - KL-Seremban
3. Fairuz - Terengganu
4. Aimi - Kedah
5. Hiernizah - hometown (attended)
6. Suriati - hometown (attended)


5. A job interview.

I got a job interview. In the middle of my viva vice mess i received an email, invited me for a job interview.

It is scheduled on 15th June, Tuesday. I dont think I can make it. I dont have plane's ticket, i dont have any budget, I dont prepare anything. And my father doesnt want me to give it a try.

I think I have to let it go. And make peace with it. Thanks UKM for giving me a chance.

6. World Cup 2010 Africa.

I dont pay much attention to this edition. I didnt in 2006. But still I care about England.

I think this 2010 is belong to Brazil.

7. Haircut

Since I finished and survived my viva voce, now I can get my hair cut. This is the longest hair I ever keep. My last hair cut was about 2 years ago.

Before, I have promised myself to not cutting my hair until I survive my viva voce. I survived. So hair saloon here I come!.

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