Thursday, June 10, 2010


ahhh.. I dont know what to expect for tomorrow. Am I worried? Of course. Hopefully I wont panic. Tomorrow will be the day. Viva voce for my M. Sc. A friend will get married tomorrow, and me, I will have my dissertation defense session.

When I was googling for moss related info, I stumbled upon a blog on moss. It is very helpful. The blogger is a Phd candidate in America, and I love what she writes about mosses. When I ransack her previous posts, I found out, she went to Sabah before. I am happy such blog exists. Unlike mine, her is more well written and very informative. I wish someday I can write a proper science blog. But my English is a nightmare (it is my second or third language). My scientific knowledge is scarce.

I went to post grad centre earlier, everything is pretty normal there, sluggish. And I met this guy, I think we've met before. Of course I shall not mention his name. But he survived his viva voce, and he will be graduated officially this October (yes, I overheard while waiting).

My previous bitter experiences with post grad centre are some kind of valuable lessons for me. How cruel bureaucratic errors and mess could be.

I pray Allah SWT will give me strength, patience and wisdom to through all these things. And protects me.

I've thrown lots of nasty insult to Admin team before, because they deserved them. But along the way, we are picking up pieces, trying to make it happen, giving room for each other, and do what suppose to be done. Yes, mistake happens, please minimize. Please dont mess up this time,if you help me, I'll help you. After all I am the paying client. I've paid you my money, please serve me well. Walloping almost MYR 10K per year, of course I am bitter if they dont serve me well. They dont actually or at least didnt. They still have time to make things right. So do I.

I hope I will be professional tomorrow. Present my dissertation well, answer any questions in the most scientific manner, articulate as possible, and be patience during the whole process. Also I hope the panels will be at the top of their professionals' level and have mercy, for I am not the brightest of the whole bunch.


On unrelated development, I received an interview invitation via email on monday (but only read the email last night), I dont know what to do yet. First thing first, I need to survive my viva voce. Then, may be fly back to good ol' Bangi.

I'll decide later.

Plus my 6 years old or so laptop crashed. I need to fix it first. Then we talk about Bangi Homecoming.


JAIRO said...

kasi tenang ati saja... everything gonna be ok.. kalau kau betul2 buat ko punya paperwork mesti ko dapat jawab punya..... don't worry all the best cheers

Jlascanteen said...

selamat akhirnya Alhamdulilah.