Thursday, June 24, 2010

awan ke 9

Ahh... Cloud 9 choc. Today I really enjoy this cheap choc with caramel. It is sinfully delicious. I used to enjoy it when I was a kid. I used to eat this everyday during my sekolah agama days. At 20 cent a pop (30 cent today, inflation yeah!), it is still cheap. Much cheaper than Snickers, I loved Snickers too but seldom I enjoyed it because of the tag price. Lama sudah tak makan Snickers.

Another cloud 9 story, someone (or a gang) plundered my room. I asked the office clerk who is as lazy as stranded whale on beach about it. And she said she simply knew nothing, and gave me reason why she didnt know. I terminated the conversation immediately because I dont want to spend my precious time talking to an idiot.

They took my stand fan, 2 plug extensions, 2 pails and everything in it, selipar jamban, my 3 in 1 drinks, and the wall fan which is belong to HEP.

Fuck them all.

Image from google.

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