Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Yada Yada Kill Them All.

Earlier this week I was informed about new development in house politics yada yada. Well, in house politics is not something new to me. Trust me I have seen something much much worse. But in the end of day, it is business not personal. Yeah Right!.

First of all, ambitions and ambitious people. Ambition is good in term of it keeps you going and trying to achieve something better. But always remember, if the water can float the ship, means it is capable to sink it too. Being too ambitious or greedy will erode your true talent. But those idiots dont want to hear that. Because they are idiots to begin with.

Ass is stink. Dont kiss it.

Bad people and good people, they are all around us. So the very vital thing to do is, take care your own ass. Keep your friend close and your enemy closer. For enemy has guts and balls to say the truth to you. That's why you shall listen to them.

To people up there, remember, when you are sitting on the throne (at least you feel like it), many people will come to you like ants go after the sugar. But once you are out, then you know, You Shall Walk Alone. And if you create (accidentally or purposely) enemy/enemies while you are in power, they will come after your ass soon after you get up from your throne. It is amazing to see how people can hold their grudges long enough, and only to fire the very fatal weapon from their arsenal of revenge at your weakest moment. Because they live waiting for that moment. Be careful.

What makes me sad the most would be, how these peoples act like politicians, as if we dont have enough politicians in this counrty. And they blatantly say they did what they do in the name of professionalism. Professionalism my ass!!. Their are hungry for power and forgot who they are and what they suppose to do and become.

They pimped their professionalism by acting like pariahs. This is why you shall never let a pariah runs the show. Remember, you let a pariah runs the show, all you get is a Pariah's Show, fresh from ass.

Desire kills. The biggest thing on earth is not the Great Wall of China or Mount Everest, but Desire.

Leave politics to politicians. Let's strive to excel. Shall we?

p/s: If you are smart enough. You wont mess with me. Because if you do, I will killyaalll. My Name is not Khan... well you know what my name is.

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