Friday, May 14, 2010


A NS trainee gave birth to a baby boy in toilet. detail here.

first of all... What the hell? secondly... well... it's not really surprising. She is about 17-18 years old I guest, 9 months ago she was still in school. When she in the middle of her preparation for SPM, a 20 years old man (damn.. this boy was born in 1990? 1989?) had sex with her. What the hell? if she was barely 17 when they had sex. That was a rape.

These two numbnuts are stupid as hell. They are kids, kids shouldnt reproduce. They should stay in school and talk about Justin Bieber or Tokio Hotel.

They didnt bother to use condom. I doubt if they know what condom is.

In my Kampung, there is 18 years old engaged to a 30 something years old man. From their photos in facebook, I think the relationship started when the girl was still in school. The fuckest of all would be the parents of the girl. The parents/parent consented the relationship. again, What the hell?. You are marrying your little girl to a hairy 30 something years old fat ass boroi kancil driving, who is still living under his parents' roof. What are you thinking parents?

This late 30 is stupid, bangang nak mampos, apa tak ada wanita kah yang kau boleh tackle? sampai nak kahwin dengan budak. I know she is already 18 years old. But today's 18 years old is not the same with 18 years old in 1960's. Tu nak memantat lah tu. She is freakin' 18. eighteen.

There are countless cases in my kampung, grown ass man married a little girl, who is half of his age, IC perempuan tu start dengan angka 9. Ada yang jadi bini ke-2 lagi. And the girl's parents give their blessing. Apa bangsat betul lah pemikiran macam ni. Main taram saja kahwin kan anak. Aku rasa parents macam ni memang mengharap bakal cucu dia mendapat bantuan kerajaan sepenuhnya.. dari lahir, sekolah, sampai mati.

Leave the school girls alone. Man, you are an adult, use your freakin brain. And parents, stop selling your own daughter. orang macam ni kalau musim holokaus, patut di hantar ke bilik gas, gassed them to dead.

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