Monday, May 24, 2010

Mari membeli belah

I went shopping today. After a very very long time. Bought pair of shoes. Loafers actually, brown in colour. Murah murah sahaja. First I really wanted and planned to buy Porsche by Adidas. Tapi harga... almost MYR 400.

It is not like I really need almost MYR 400 sneakers, what I need now is a pair of proper shoes for all events. Those Porsche are really alluring but of course damn expensive. Splitting between the almost MYR 400 per pair and Lacoste which cost wayyyyyy more, about MYR 550 (but less than MYR 600). I decided to drop both.

I'll buy them later. Lepas bergaji ya. Layyyytttteeeeeeer.

My Viva Voce session will be rescheduled, anytime now. So I need shoes. Borrowed a pair from my sister, which not fit so well with me. Size problem. Sekarang sudah beli, more or less problem solved. And Viva me please.

Also I bought a watch. not for me, for my Ma. She will be retired in 2 weeks time, and celebrated her birthday at the same time. I have planning to buy her watch for quite some times already. Today I bought her one. I am happy.

Her watch slipped while we were walking somewhere in KL in 2007. Sayang gila jam tu... sayang sangat sangat. I think She bought the watch around 1990, lost in 2007, during my graduation week. Nah.. punya sedih... aku pun turut sedih dan rasa bersalah.

I promised myself to buy her new one since the day she lost her most precious watch. Oleh kerana akan retired soon... so I think now is the perfect time to give her one.

BUT... jam yang aku beli is way cheaper than her previous watch. I cannot afford to buy her the same watch. The previous watch was a Raymond Well's, pure gold strap, studded with diamond inside. ha... di celah mana aku nak cedok duit beli Jam Raymond Well's itu? It cost more than MYR 1000 may be almost MYR 2k in 1990. Sekarang kau rasa2 dengan harga emas dan inflasi segala... berapakah harga jam itu?

One of reason I didnt buy the kasut adidas mahal gila tu sebab nak beli jam lah. huhu.

I bought her jam biasa2 saja. Casio to be exact. ada 3 pilihan tadi 2 casio, 1 alba. yang Casio 1 lagi tu ialah almost perfect imitation of her previous watch. Tapi dia punya build/body macam tak tegap sangat (I mean like fragile sikit lah). Than I considered to buy alba.. tapi macam kecil sangat... not suitable with my mom. Alba ni jam akak akak Missy missy githoo, kecil. Than I decided to buy her Casio yang tak lah macam Raymond Well's (jauh panggang). Tapi compare to the other casio, this one is more tegap or well built. I happy with my choice.

Cash and Carry.

Hope she likes the watch. kalau tak suka/tak sesuai, I promise, I'll buy her another layyyytttteeeeeer. Tapi bawa dia ke kedai lah, suruh pilih sendiri. Anything you like. Mau beli 2 pun nda kisah. But layyyytttteerr bukan sekarang. Anakanda nak beli laptop dulu ya.

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