Sunday, May 16, 2010

D-Day:17 May 2010 Less than 24 hours before

It's raining outside. Not heavily, no storm. But raining still. I have wet clothes hanging in my dorm. Razman texted me earlier today. Asked me for my viva's date. I told him the rest of the details. He wished me luck. Thank you.

I dont know what to feel. I consider, I feel neutral. Or rather nothing, may be this is what happen when you are doing something for quite sometimes, you are numbed by times or sort of that.

I am not calm. Not in chaos either. The strangest part is, I worry about my damp clothes more than my tomorrow viva voce. I dont know what the hell is that.

spoke to my mother by phone. Everything is pretty normal at home. I am alone here. Being me, I think for now it is better for me being alone. A time like this, I am less explosive when I am alone. Or... I am not explosive at all.

Suddenly, this morning, I missed the time when I was cramming for exam. Yes, as nerdy as it's sound, I think I miss it still. I remember back then I drank Air Surah Yassin, which I made myself for me (I didnt know how exactly, but I recite Yassin in front of a bottle of water) before I went for my General Genetics paper exam. I was caught by a friend when I was drinking it. I was that scared, sampai minum air penerang hati. I got A for my General Genetics. =).

And, I realized, I dont recite Yassin or Quran that often, especially recently. No thanks to Internet. I sholud recite Quran more often I guess.


I just exchanged comments on Facebook . friends. I was giving my opinion about female boss. for me, Good boss is a good boss, regardless sex. My friend has some sort of repellent against female bosses, may be from her experiences working under female bosses. She said, she couldnt preform well under female bosses.

But, I stick with my previous statement, Good boos is a good boss. I have been working under male and female boss. By saying working here, it is not a paid job. More like working under supervision. I have no problem with male or female boss. They are equal to me. I dont judge boss because of their sexes.

This friend, sort of downgrade my opinion because job I have been doing is not a real job. She said wait until you are working (real job). May be, my opinion is not valid to her. Err.. little did she knows, I work with my father on ad hoc basic, it is too, however a not real job. I am my dad's part time clerk. And I tell you he is not a very pleasant boss either. Especially during tax season, and I hate numbers. He is a bossy boss. Of course boss is bossy because he is the boss. If your colleague is bossy, then you shall complain, But if your boss is bossy to you and you hate it, you shall resign. because, read the mantra, "he is the boss".

It is not the first time people downgrade my opinion because I dont have a real job. Some friends even ridicule my financial status because of the same reason, and I am still studying. I often laugh at them, because they dont know me. Of course I look sloppy all the time, wear the same inexpensive clothes, this and that. I look like this because I am comfortable with this kind of appearance.

I dont drink RM15 latter because it is too expensive for me plus I dont really like coffee. I dont eat that often at Secret Recipe because their portion is too small for me, beside the cakes are often too sweet for my tounge. I have only 1 pair of jeans, because I prefer khakis trousers and cotton boxer short. I dont buy my shirt and dress at MNG because they sold too skimpy clothing.

I dont use credit card, because I dont have any. Plus, my father constantly reminds us the danger of debt and credit card abuse. But I do have bankcard.

They ridicule a daddy's girl.

hahahaha... I laugh at these peeps who just have chance to taste their first few thousands ringgit and talk to me like I know nothing about money. I help my father with his tax documents remember? And do I need to remind you I am a daddy's girl?. People laugh at my father because he drives very old proton waja. And we laugh at them during dinner. Because those people are stupid enough, they measure a man's wealth by merely looking at what car he drives.

I look like I dont have much money. Because I dont. But doesnt mean I dont have it at all. Friends, just enjoy your thousands bucks. Trust me, you dont know me.

I think I am ok. I can afford for my meals, pay my bills, fueling my car, enough clothes in my cupboard, and roof above my head. Thank God, Alhamdulillah, for all of these. And oh yes, I am 24 going 25, I am debt free. No ptptn loan, no car loan, no credit card standing bills. Just cash to spend for my needs (not for my greeds, I cant afford to entertain my greeds). So what else?

Have you settle your ptptn loan friend? we talk about money after you do, ok?

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