Tuesday, May 18, 2010

D-Day:17 May 2010 I'll bring my own knife next time

**CAUTION**: Pos in ditulis dengan niat untuk menyerang. It is from my heart ache. Aku simpan ini semalaman sebelum publish kerana aku expect Pasca akan bertaubat dalam masa 24 jam. Aku silap. They are still as lousy as they always be. It is their curse.

after countless of sleepless nights, 2 years of research and brohahaha, 2 weeks of preparation what did I get, Viva Voce cancellation. My Viva Voce cancelled on the very morning it was initially scheduled. Because of technicality. Or so they called it.

I was very very very very hell on earth angry. Still I am. I am beyond angry. It is raging, boiling, I am FURIOUS. I feel like a victim. I AM A VICTIM. After Pasca UMS scavenged my money like a bunch of filthy vultures, now they after my times. Fuck Them.

I was that angry, I even ready to see TNC. But my boss said, be patience, because it is only going to get ugly. Well nothing is uglier than this. I AM READY TO RUMBLE. I call for the head of officer in charge****deleted****. Because he is sooo sloppy in doing his job, he successfully makes me wait another 3 weeks at least. Being a the fuckest sonofbitch of all, Pasca would have no problem to extend the promised 3 weeks to another 3 weeks. It is endless. It is painful. It is painful enough, I want to eat his head for my lunch.

I am doing whatever I can to get his fat ass fired. I dont care if he has 10 mouths to feed at home or anything. He messed up, he must eat his own shits. I'll make few phone calls. Do you think I am happy to see a bread winner in a family losing his job? NO. Hell No. But ****deleted***himself, put me in a very volatile difficult position. I dont even know what to think. Because All I can feel is flame, burning deep inside me. ****deleted**** must be responsible, takes the blame as a man he is. The lousy FAT FUCK.

I call for blood. You fuck with my schedule, I'll cut you throat.

This moron officer doesnt know that THE LONGER WE STAY THE MORE WE PAY. My form asking for financial assistance didnt even get stamped, let alone approved. My opinion is not valid. My anger is not a threat. BUT THEY FUCKING LOVE TO FUCK WITH MY MONEY. So what else? just sit tight, gulping down whatever shits from Pasca, waiting and waiting while watching life pass you by? Tell ****deleted***to do that. Tell the whole admin team to do that. Tell them, they get paid to do their jobs and duties. Tell ***deleted*** to wait for 3 weeks delay for his salary. We see how he would react. tell those assholes lazy pembantu pembantu tadbir to wait for another 3 weeks for their gaji... tak terbakar semua orang....

WHAT THE HELL IS PASCA WANTS? Money? what? More stamped and signed form?. Tell me.... please....... I hate when pasca fuck around with my times like they own it.

Someone must go down. I dont know who is blacksheeping who. But it could be me be the victim. Again and Again. I Will Kill Them All, If they dare to fuck around with my times. They took my money, now they demand my times. More and more. fuck fuck fuck fuck.

I think it is fair if I demand for their blood.

If they ever lost or misplaced my form/draft ever again, I'll guarantee nothing but suffer.

Students are suffering in silence because of bureaucracy shits. Where is our right?. Why students always be the victim?. Why make us victims. For goodness sake, we students, are the paying clients. fuck fuck fuck.

They sent me a memo about the date of my viva voce (to be exact, I fetched the memo myself because they are genetically stupid, their kids need to be aborted or neutered for the sake of population). Without knowing that another copy of dissertation never reach the examiner.

How could ***deleted*** decide a Viva's date without proper reports from both examiners? Yes, I sent 2 copies of my draft to Pasca. Those moronic ****deleted*** only sent 1 copy to an examiner. WHERE IS THE STANDARD HERE?

If Pasca couldnt stick to her rules. Dont impose any rules on me. What rules? Pasca rules are all about Pasca fucks around like a bastard from filthy hole of brothel and get away with students' cash.

My Viva Voce is rightfully mine, Pasca snatched it like pengecut with no balls.

This pengecut with no balls should be hanged.

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