Friday, May 14, 2010

D-Day:17 May 2010 Behind The Scene 3

I have done my presentation slides. My boss gave some comments. Thank you very much. I hate public speaking still. but this is thing that I do. Presenting research finding. And defend it.

No I wont defend it with my life. It is a research not a Gospel. It is from me, a human. Of course mistakes are made somewhere. But I appreciate so much, in advance, if the panel not eating me alive.

Btw, countless of sleepless nights are really drying my energy up. I feel older than my age. People said sleep is beauty. Yes, it is.


regarding my job interview on last wenesday. I dont have good feeling about it. I was under preform and ill prepared. I dont want to play a blame game. I know those interviewers wont read this but I want to just say it. Just to let it out of my chest.

Dear Interviewers,

I am not perfect. On paper, it is clear, I am just an average, or slightly below. But since I was 15, I knew, Biology is where my heart is. This is what I want to do. Studying biology and share it with younger bloods. I have no proper training in teaching. My experience is limited. I am may be is not the best team player, neither do I a good leader. I am a self confess introvert. I am not as timid as you think I am. I am not as fierce as wounded lion either.

Timid or fierce, one thing I sure, I can teach Biology. I dont know how. But, yes I can.

As cliche as it's sound, I am willing to learn. I am yet 25 years old, I am a good investment. I guarantee you that. If my current qualifications are not enough, give me some time, I'll give you more. I'll serve it on a silver platter if requested.

What I need now is an opportunity. Me, a nobody, asking for an opportunity. It is in your hand, I am not saying I deserve it more than others, but the opportunity that I need is in your hand. If you give it to me, I thank you in advance.

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