Friday, May 28, 2010

cerita makcik.

My parents, brothers, sis in law, and my niece are going to Sarawak to spend extra long weekend there. Harvest festival season in Sabah and Sarawak. This weekend will be the grand finale.

I miss my niece already. Selalu ejek2 dia, for her slightly tanned skin. I love you no matter what kiddo. Hey, doesnt matter what colour of your skin is, because the rest of the world is not all white either. You tell that to whoever dare to ejek2 you, including me. my skin is darker compare to my sister. I am ok with it. Yang penting hati mau baik. (walaupun selalu hati ku bukan sebaik mana).

I love my niece, usually I never prefer kids. I dont like them, they dont like me. But my niece is a big BIG exception. For I was there, in a hospital, the day she was born. One of reason I choose to enroll in UMS Post Grad because I want to stay close with my family. I must admit my journey in UMS is pretty bumpy one, I accept that. Some even wonder why on earth I choose UMS over UKM for post grad study. But in return, I have chance to spend more time with my family. UMS' location offers me that, and I always prefer KK than Bangi.

My niece is smart one, she loves sing along with her favourite tv shows' themes, when they are aired (kid's show banyank nyanyi2), one of her favourite is Ultraman Cosmos, she loves the theme song, and so do I. She loves to scribble, conteng-conteng, telling story, and surprisingly she loves animal, be it insects, birds, cats, sometimes even, dog.

Oh ya, she knows what "loading" is whenever she watches youtube. yes, my almost 3 years old niece sudah pandai main internet. They start young these days.

She always fancy insect like ants and beetles. I dont know why. I am not an insect person. But I am glad she has interest with those creatures. My early advice it is a great hobby, but for profession, sila lah cari kerja lain, nurse kah, cikgu inggeris kah, lawyer kah, akauntan kah, penguatkuasa kastam and so on... trust me Biology related job ni tidak glemer pekerjaannya, asyik kena interrogate masa kenduri kendara. Tu tak masuk kena sindir2 lagi tu.

She'll turn 3 this coming 7th June. Just a day after my mom's birthday. I have a very amazing experience so far with my niece. I enjoy watching her growing healthily, learning new things everyday, and simply being a kid and having fun. We love her. I hope someday she will read this piece.

Macam too early pula.. suppose I write this for her birthday. Anyway, miss her so much.

P/s: I made myself a simple (late) lunch. no biggie, but I think I eat much much smaller portion these days.

P/s 2: Tahniah kepada Puan Green Apple kerana bakal menerima cahaya mata ke 2. seronok aku baca travel posts kau ke gold coast.

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