Wednesday, April 28, 2010

an update

I attended a wedding last weekend. I left before it was over.

Wedding is a perfect torturing chamber. Kecoh makciks, screaming kids, crowded place, hot and blazing temperature, dslr faggots, cam-whores, misogynist pakciks, etc etc etc, name it, wedding got it all.

dslr faggots, oh.. I fucking hate these creatures.

other than that there is no serious development. I have a party invitation by friend. I am not sure whether I can attend it or not. I like dinner party. Just I dont feel like going to any party right now. Plus I have to drive alone if I want to attend it.

Just now i recieved an sms, informing me I have to attend a meeting tomorrow.

ahh... shit things never have right time to be happened.

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