Sunday, April 18, 2010

Things from Internet.

A guy wrote, "Kadang-kadang untuk mendapatkan apa yang kita cari, kita harus berhenti mencarinya".

Well, he is right, at least sometimes.

And, I found Einstein's quote about gravity.

goes more or less like, "The gravity force and falling in love are not related".

Just in case you don't know, In Malaysia, oral sex is illegal. Go google the Penal Code, I am too lazy to elaborate. I found out about this during the early turmoil of The Most Famous Sodomy Case vol. 2 (2? or more than 1 years?? ago). And someone who really loves Thailand just found out about this err... few weeks ago.

So, there is always Thailand for those who enjoy Thailand.

If you are not a lawyer, be careful when you are quoting the Penal Code, because Singapore has similar law. But of course different.

p/s: I dont know the one who loves Thailand personally.. hahahahahahaha. Yes, trust me. hahahahaha

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