Monday, April 5, 2010

stripping the truth. all you get is a bitter taste.

I have been living in denial mode for err.. I dont know for how long. I submitted my final draft, but still lingering around the campus and using the lab work which I always please to avoid as my excuses. I have been avoiding people, and most of all; the reality. Until my sharply depleting bank account steered me back to the bitter truth.

I have sent job application today. Luckily, found a contact for another possible job application just now. I will find more contact. I am hunting for job, thick face is a must. Real job. Regular job. Normal job. just like others'. May be I will snail-mail another application tomorrow or next week.

I havent pack my stuffs and belongings yet. I will, soon. As many as I can. plenty to do, writing a cover letter, updating/arranging my resume, printing, packing, arranging, cleaning. I made up my mind, I must back to my kampung for good.

Lots of things to do;

1. preparing for my who-knows-when viva voce.
2. Job hunting.
3. Toefl?
4. Paying debt. yes may be up to RM 1000++. (Strangely, doesnt really bother me)

etc etc..

I know days of money-is-just-one-phone-call-away are numbered. And I will fully capitalize those days.

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