Thursday, April 15, 2010

Penjarahan Bilik.

I am at home. My room was a ship wreck. Now I have cleaned it, well few things are still scattered on the floor and on the bed, but it is better than before. My bed is much better, I have put the sheet on. For two or three nights I slept on sheetless bed. Yes, I am lazy. I have no problem sleep on sheetless bed. If I need to sleep, I sleep anyway.

Even my messy brother said, my room was soooo Romper Stomper. Yes, it was. Except I dont paint a Swastika logo on my wall. I have lots of stuff. From yesteryears, this year, last month, this month. I am good in collecting, I guess. In this case, collecting memory (or rubbish). Well, I am a female, so every stuff has its own sentimental value. Sentimental value my ass. I have been living like a nomad for 2 years or so. So tiring, exhausting. And my stuffs are scattered. I try to put them in separate without label boxes and baskets. I know, I will have trouble to find them in future.

So I have thrown some rubbish. But still keep some. My old clothes are also well packed in a newly bought bag. It is a big bag. Those old clothes are very old, very very old, like from 1997 old. I was 12 in 1997 and my waist was less than 27. My wardrobe is full. Full with clothes, stuffs, bags, etc etc. You can even find a big Rambo's knife in it. Full. I just dump things I dont know where to put into a basket. Lumping my dissertation materials into a woven box. All important things in one box, and not so important things in the other.

I plan to throw out the desk. I dont know how the desk ended up in my room. The desk should be used as fire wood. Buat menyemak jak. I will put a smaller desk to replace the current desk.

The good thing with digging up the piles is, like, I have found my err... 4 or may be 5 years old brand new usb hub. Yes, I bought it many many years ago, but I forgot where I put it. Now I found it, hidden in a very old sling bag. I rarely used it. May be, few times. It is still new. I like it. I have another usb hub. Now, I have two usb hubs. Found some letters, official letters from my sponsor. Some old but still good stationeries. I like stationery so I spent quite some fortune on it. And of course I also found some shits too. I have plenty of not so wise purchase. Plenty.

Other than cleaning up my room, and throwing out rubbish from past, revamping my wardrobe. I have nothing much to do. I havent read my volume yet. May be later. I need them to tell me the exact date for my viva voce. So nothing much can I do before I know the date. I am waiting.

P/s: I received an email that I hate to read. I dont want to know the content, but I read it anyway. Soon I know I have to back to the depression chamber.

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