Saturday, April 3, 2010

At home for Easter weekend.

I have been waiting for two freakin' weeks to watch the movie. And now the dvd is suck ass. or the player is suck ass. I cannot catch with this technology. I dont have enough money for that.

Anyway, Din Beramboi was passed away. I was very critical on his works before. Well, that was before. I meant no ill intention. Let's assume I just didnt get his jokes.

I am jobless so I have no obligation to go to work as early as 6.30 am. I seldom listen to any breakfast show. Tapi kalau masa keluar lunch selalu ada ulang tayang drama sebabak, sometimes I found those merapu stuff funny. In a merapu way of course, but still funny.

I got the news via internet around 2.30 am. He was passed away on 12.30 am (official time). People concerned about him, they tweeted their condolences and offer prays/ Al-Fatihah for the deceased up until 3 am. Even Khairy Jamaluddin tweeted his condolences around 2.30-3 am (well that's what most of our lawmakers do, tweeting, blogging, or may be attacking someone's castle in castle age). And so did the former athlete, Dato Misbun Sidek.

What chilled me the most would be Din Beramboi's few last tweets. About death, and ibadah, and test. May be he felt something. He was passed away during the peak of his time. Hosted the most popular morning radio show, involved as judge in recent season of raja lawak.

Al-Fatihah to Arwah Din Beramboi, May Allah bless his soul. My condolences and prays to his wife and family.


Earlier tonight, I crossed the line in the facebook. actually it was one thing leads to another. I usually dont share sex stuff/jokes/etc etc with people. not even with family. let alone friends.

I sort of started the nonsense conversation about lubricant in the middle of gay themed tv drama (or movie) review by friends (and friends of friends). No biggie, but may be it is a big deal to others. Especially those makciks in friend list.

My view on homosexual is rather vague. I think I have wrote a thing or two about it in my previous postings

This is why I am glad my parents dont have facebook. But my siblings are in my friend list.

May be it is about time until I get caught posting improper comments in facebook. There are lots of people out there who care enough to screen shot comments, and start or join an anti something page. Well, transparency does come with price.

p/s: selamat menyambut musim bunga, have a great (extra long) weekend.

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