Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When really Angry. Swear.

Sometimes I am really angry. ANGRY.

When I am angry I often said something I regret later. Anyhow, I think my anger is correlated with carbohydarate/sugar level in my blood.

The lower my sugar level the angrier I become. I think. Thats why I hate screaming kids at Mc Donald Jalan Sulaman. Because usually whenever I go to the McD, I am really really hungry. I feel like I want to eat them alive in front of their burger munching parents. So, this is enough to justify why I consider not to reproduce anytime soon.

I am an angry person especially when I am hungry. Food suppress my anger.

Whenever I am angry, feed me.


Why everyone is so in hurry to reproduce? People around me want to reproduce so quickly and so badly as if the human race is facing the great extinction.

Some of my friends, my not yet married friends, are already counting how many kids they want. Are we really in need to reproduce? ahhhh....

Some parents are not satisfy with one kid. Even if their kid screws up their finance, they still want and try to have more and more babies. I just dont get it. Why? are you addicted to financial problems?

If you are struggling to provide for the welfare of one child, why bother having more children? Yeah, people said, baby brings rezeki. I know.

But lets get real.

Come on, these kind of parents are so greedy. They think the combination of their gene is the best for human race, and humankind is in need for their DNA carbon copy.

Kid needs money. Kid needs attention. More kids means more money needed, more attention needed.

Oh shit, parents, please... if you dont have much money, stop trying for having more babies. Condom or any birth control method is much much cheaper.

And newlywed, I pity newlywed all the time. Some parents expect their newlywed child and child in law to reproduce like 9 months after the wedding. Well, we know how unstable newlyweds usually are. They need to build a lot of relationships, attend more cousins' weddings, attend more birthdays, anniversaries, etc.. etc.. They need to equip themselves with proper financial, buying house, better retirement plan, better insurance scheme, etc etc...

So having baby for newlywed, certainly will add more responsibilities and pressures on them.

Btw, why vow for public pressure to have baby or more babies?

Ask yourself why do you want to have a baby? If your reason to reproduce is you dont want to be alone when you are old, then you are lame selfish person who stuck in 1930's. The fact is you still can be alone when you are old, even if you have 15 children. There is no guarantee that your offsprings will take care the old you. Dont trust me?, well.. go and google the story of Shah Jahan. How he spent his final days. How he fell from his throne.

Having children is serious business. It is damn serious. You cant fuck up your life if you are a parent. Because it will fuck your kid's life up too.

Some parents should not have baby at the first place. And this including those parents who are busy munching their burgers and fries while their progenies are screaming, jumping, running, jackass-ing, at Mc D Jalan Sulaman.

I know, you can say that you can have as many kids as you want because I dont feed your kids, you feed your kids. So feed your kids, and allow me eat my burger in peace. Deal?


AiniL said...

as you flipped the coin for the other side of 'Ibu Mertuaku', maybe you should also flip the coin for the other side of having children (just an opinion)
let me put it this way. When you are single, you don't have to think about other people (except your family as they'll accept you no matter how you are). when you are married, it's an added responsibility. You no longer have to think about urself, you must also think about your spouse. It 's like one sort of 'exercise' for you to step on a higher level of being a human being. Emotionally, physically and maybe spiritually. When you are alone, you won't have this kind of 'achievement'. You have no idea what married couple experience, you have no udea how to solve their probs. You can suggest but it might not be relevant because you have no such experience. This also apply when you have kids. It's an extra responsibility. You advanced another level as being human. You don't want to get married, you don't want to have kids, so what do you want in life? is that sufficient for you? emotionally and physically sufficient? for how long?
(pjg pla komen aku, nnt aku buat post khas la utk ko...special dedication to you..hehe)

Jlascanteen said...

later. I am hungry. cant write.