Monday, March 29, 2010

Status: Waiting for Viva.

I finished reading The Chamber by John Grisham. I like the ending. Expected, but I like it. My second fiction for this month. Probably the fastest read fiction by me, took me 3 weeks. Yes, I am a slow reader. Looking forward for more and more reading next time. About the same time, a friend finished reading his Harry Potter's book. Which is good. We exchanged our comments on Facebook.

Facebook is the only book that I read religiously these days.

Other than that nothing much development. I am still waiting for my viva voce, eagerly. Well I have re-read my volume, up to chapter 3, corrected what need to be corrected, there are plenty more to come. I have marked them. I dont give a damn about those specimens in the lab. Seriously I just cannot look at them for now. Give me sometimes, I need to step away from the lab for a while.

I know the Passca is always delaying stuffs. Everything is delayed in Passca. I dont know what the hell crap they do in the well air conditioned office. May be just like me, they too are busy watering plant in Farmville, smuggling something in Mafia War, or posting comments somewhere. Thus, all matters are delayed. The forms, the applications, the appeals, the vivas, the corrections, the results, the certificates, the graduations, everything, every fucking thing.

I need to defend my volume on April. Early, middle, or end of, at least I finished my viva on April. Then I correct what suppose to be corrected, fill up those forms, and ask, oh no... tell them to stamp my forms, and let me fucking graduate. If I dont get my viva schedule by third week of April. I will write strong full of barb letter to them.

A job application is sent, one or two will follow. Hopefully soon. It is a big-BIG-gauntlet ahead. But Bring It On. I am looking forward to pull some strings, or cables, or ropes, or whatever to get a job. Yes, I am willing to elbow friends in this. I dont mean to hurt them, but if I dont, then it will be me who get elbowed. so.. kind of an ultimatum to me. This is strictly business.

I need job more than I need money.

Along the way, again, I bumped with pre maturely exhausted relationship. I have countless relationships which were going downhill without notice. Because I didnt know what to do with it. Usually it was abruptly stopped or dragged into undated dormancy.

Sometimes, I do think that I did let some good relationships slipped through my fingers all the times.

P/s: Will write the review of My Name Is Khan later.

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