Saturday, March 27, 2010

Some people refuse to grow up. Even so, it wont stop them from ageing.

Facebook. Again.

I spend countless hours on Facebook. I stalk, I comment, I stalk, I read comment, I share links, I connect with people. Facebook is the only book that I religiously read everyday.

Relationship, I think your relationship status is not official until you announce it on Facebook. Wedding pictures are not enough. I like-LIKE- wedding picture.

But I cannot stand err... malam pertama jokes on Facebook'. Yeah, everyone knows those newlyweds had sex, no need for you to tease them. It is just sex. Even roaches have sex. And we are human. Leave it there. Grow fucking up!.

And there are people who have enough guts or balls or ovaries or (insert your favourite organ) to ask the pengantin about baby news. Oh no, they are not asking, they are demanding the baby news. The couple are just married for a week. What do you expect? a baby bump? rasa penat kenduri tak habis lagi, dah kena suruh beranak.

when you are single, they are asking "bila mau kahwin?". When you are married, they are asking "bila nak ada anak?". Tanya pula tak kira masa, lepas seminggu kawin, pinggan mangkuk lepas kenduri pun tak habis susun dalam almari lagi, dah sibuk suruh pengantin beranak.

like they are cheering to the newlyweds "go have sex, go get pregnant, faster faster faster". Macam dia yang bayar medical expenses for pregnancy and post natal care.

They expect the young couple to reproduce as soon as possible, in great hurry as if the mankind is facing very serious extinction. This is what I call, public pressure or desakkan sosial. The couple is not in hurry to be parents, but they vowed to the public pressure and demand. They are parents but they dont know why they are having children?

(day by day my tolerance towards marriage, relationship, and family building is getting thinner)

Yeah, I am tired with "anak pengikat kasih sayang suami isteri" phrase. They are terikat, but there is no guarantee they are tied in the name of love. May be they are terikat base on "I cant raise this baby alone hey he/she is yours too".


So if you are porn watching adult, handle it like an adult.

As for kids (18 and below), you are stupid. You know you are. Just prepare yourself for it. It is everywhere.


I am an adult.

At least adult enough.

And sometimes all I can say is celaka, jahanam, sial, bangsat, fuck, fuck, fuck, and celaka again just to feel some relief.

Because I am an adult. I can say profanity. It is a privilege.

Just like porn, actual sex, and alcohol.

Now I am confused between right and privilege. Beside I am also confused the pronunciation of "coke" and "cock". May be I better replace the word cock with dick next time.

p/s: click here. I like It.

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