Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sherlock vs Solomon: The review.

I am sooo in mood to watch movies this week. Earlier I watched Sherlock Holmes. Of which I gave B+ (Yeah, I think I better start rating movie by grade, like paper).

It was fun, it was more or less classic. Now everyone can see how investigation was made during pre-crime lab era (no thanks to CSI, they are err.. bastardizing DNA tech. It is uncommon to hold a slide at pectoral or face level and the cast in CSI New York did it all the time)

Sherlock holmes meleret a bit. I almost fell asleep. Since I love periodical movie (periodical movie for me is movie yang dibuat dengan settting masa dahulu). And Jude Law, haha.. I like Jude Law with mustache.

And... at the ending, the scene of the body of Lord Blackwood was hanging at the under construction London Bridge, reminded me about an episode in CSI: Miami. The episode about college kids, movie maker, and they found a body hanged under the jambatan angkat.

Earlier today, I watched Solomon Kane and it was uberly predictable. Just like Max Payne movie.

Oh Hati Ku Hampa Solomon Kane. (You let me down, Solomon Kane).

It is nothing new, just like any others mediocre medieval movies, May be if you like Pathfinder you will like this one. But do not expect it is some kind like Lord of The Ring movies. NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.

It was suck (worse than my English). I almost fell asleep, as I went to cinema alone, on tuesday, I think less than 10 people were watching, me included.

And the Solomon Kane character speaks like he was munching his own words. And who is the actor?

But on good notes, I like history. So castle in England, the landlord, knight on horse, I like them all. The scenery near the land of Kane is beautiful.

grade for Solomon Kane? C.

Bila lah mau sampai England ni...

Looking foward to watch The Hurt Locker. may be this weekend. (iya.. tiada di panggung, so faham2 lah sumber aku ya).

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