Friday, March 5, 2010

reading again.

First of all, Celcom broadband service is disconnecting like, every 2 minutes.

Nothing interesting happened to me. And cash in my bank account is depleting faster than ever. Beside I am spending at least 4 hours per day stalking people in Facebook. Oh yes, 4 hours is understatement.

Good news, on thursday night of first week of March 2010, I finally finished reading Toto-Chan Gadis Cilik di Jendela. I bought this book in July 2009, during my first visit to Indonesia. Took about 9 months to finish a children book. I am slow reader. In fact, this is the first book I finished since err... I forgot when the last time I finished reading a book. I have few books to finish, will talk about them later.

I have known the existence of the book since I was in primary school. may be when I was 8 or 9. When I was in Indonesia for training, I found the book and bought it almost instantly. It is a translation version, from Japanese to Bahasa Indonesia. Of course I dont understand few words. But I think every parents should read this book, and teachers too.

If I am not mistaken, I also found Dan Brown's Angels and Demons novel translated to Bahasa Indonesia, Malaikat dan Iblis in the bookshop I went. Even National Geographic Magazine is in Indonesian. They also sold the English version of the magazine.

Today I bought a compilation of poems, at Harris. Actually, first saw the compilation at friend's house. It is good. Already read it, almost finish I guess, may be I left 1 or 2 poems i dont really like. I have no problem reading poems.

I also found the translation version of The Twilight books in Bahasa Malaysia (or Indonesia), the New Moon is translated as Cinta Baru, another one is Senjakala. I seldom read fiction.

I think the Toto Chan book is more to biography.

I like reading. But I am not a bibliophile.

Sometimes, I read biblical related stories or articles online or Bible, I often watch biblical series on NatGeo and History channel.

Last week or early this week, I found a motto of a Catholic boy's school, "Cora et Labora". I know it is in Latin, means "Pray and Work", which I agree. When I googled the motto it is actually taken from bible verse or related to something biblical. But I am agree with the motto. I dont know whether "agreeing" with motto which is originally taken or related to something biblical is allowed in Islam. This bother me a bit. any opinion?.

Can a muslim agreeing with bible's verse?

I sing along to Muse's song which title I forgot, but the lyric is more or less like this

"...our hope is an expectation, black hole and revelation..."

I have been listening this song since my final year.

but only last week I knew there is chapter in New Testament called the book of Revelation. Story about Apocalypse.

I knew the first chapter of New Testament is Genesis or "Kejadian" in Indonesian, and the last chapter is "Wahyu" (right?).

I dont understand Bible. Too many versions.

Actually, I took years to finish reading the Al-Quran. Very long time I guess. And only did it once.

Reading is good, those who can read but do not read are losers. After watching The Reader, I feel encouraged to read again. More.

And always remember the first word of wahyu, "Iqra..." "Bacalah.." "Read.."

The first wahyu was not about solat or fasting or zakat but about reading.

p/s: writer reads.

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