Friday, March 12, 2010

I hate wedding

Now I am browsing strangers' wedding photos. I love wedding photos. Yes, I can spend hours browsing wedding photos. Ironically I hate-HATE-wedding.

I was personally involved in preparation of two weddings. I fuck hate it. Bottom line is I think wedding is suck, time wasting, money wasting. What a big waste, and oh yes, again, I fuck hate it. In Malaysia, wedding is far too commercial. No thanks to Mawi and those lame ass celebrities who have no remorse commercializing their wedding day as if it is national holiday.

Eh, I said, I fuck hate wedding, not marriage. If you still confuse with the vague line between marriage and wedding, kiddos, you shall not get married.

Wedding is err.. an announcing ceremony, that these two people are about to officially have sex with each other, and the public should not feel offended with it. Ok, may be I am wrong, of course marriage is more than just sex, right?. But, I heard married people seldom have it. Is it true?

I like wedding if;

1. It is low key ceremony, attended by close family, relatives, next door neighbours and friends ONLY.

not everyone from your kampung, your spouse's kampung, your father's friends since pre independent era, your mother's schoolmates, your siblings' friends, your cousins' housemates, damn.. you dont even know half of your own guests.

2. It is a white wedding.

Damn (err.. again) I dont like if it is too colourful. Imagine a grown ass man dons in shockingly offensive magenta baju melayu, sampin, and tanjak on his wedding day, actually I pity him. I bet his bride would force him to wear magenta socks and magenta keris if she could find any. Or in toxic look purple, you gotta be kidding.

It is ok if white is too lame for your taste and you want to be unique bride (fuck you, you wannabe!), but please limit your option to soft colours or non offensive pastel colours. I think gold or yellow is good colour for traditional Malay wedding.Otherwise, please choose soft colour. And usually guy looks like a clown in all red tanjak, baju melayu, and sampin on his wedding day, can you imagine guy in all red tux?. Except if you are married to Johnny Depp, then choose whatever colour or colours you like, even if you choose to dress him in pink sampin with black tanjak and red baju melayu... go ahead, but you must married to Johnny Depp. I said, Johnny Depp, not Johnny Depp-look-alike, and Johnny Depp-wannabe is no no no.

And Brides? dont let me start with brides.... heavily beaded baju kurung complete with absurdly hanging crystals thingy, do make those brides look like they just come back from Mardi Grass or Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

And why PINK? is it a new black?

3. It is one day and night event.

Melayu wedding takes very long times, too many events. First, nikah ceremony, before hand may be majlis berinai, then reception ceremony on the bride's side, then upacara memotong kek, then majlis menyambut menantu on the groom's side, then separate reception/post wedding party for your colleagues who couldnt make it to your both earlier receptions. These all events could be extended up to two weeks. And took painful months to be prepared. Penat menyediakan majlis bertunang belum habis... then continue with majlis kahwin lama gila sial macam pesta konvo.


Wedding should be simple. Plus you dont want to be exhausted or look exhausted on your own wedding day right?. Get some sleep, and simple wedding will also allow your family to get enough sleep for themselves. Trust me, they need it.

Hate Wedding.

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AiniL said...

I like white wedding :D