Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bad Romen.

Oh please, when in public call/refer your boyfriend or significant other by his first name. At least try.

It is fucking confusing. Generic translation for Abang is brother. If you are talking about your Abang is fathered your children, well, some people may think you two committed incest.

And B, sayang, papa, and who knows what else.. they are confusing, B is stand for what? his initial? Sayang? well, this one is less confusing but the most annoying, when it is abusively used in public, Papa? same case with Abang, but twice confusing.

Referring boyfriend by his initial is cute if it is done in text. And if you are a cute. What is cute on Megan Fox is not necessarily looks cute on you too. Get it?

I know nicknaming is fun. But please call or use your cute nicknames on your bed, in your bedroom, at home, behind tightly locked door.

And guys, do you know certain cute nicknames make you sound like a fag. You dont want your girlfriend has a fag as boyfriend do you?

Spelling for sayang is S.A.Y.A.N.G. Not cayang, not cayunk, not chayunk. For goodness, please spell like an adult. If you are adult enough to fucking, then you are adult enough to spell it right.

In Facebook, use the chat app. or private message to exchange steamy or romantic comments/reply/message/testimonial. Because if not it will appear on everyone's newsfeed and email. If you are so in love why dont you logout your facebook and start fucking for real.

I dont care how you enjoy/do your love romance in private. But in public and facebook, I do care. Public display of affection is sooooooooo 2006.

Finally, kiss on forehead is really a turn off. I hate it. Especially after nikah, Baik jangan langsung.


nurul khairunie said...

in my case, lagi worst. ada orang tag gambar girlfriend dia kepada semua orang. tau2 la dia baru beli DSLR kan, pastu kasi jadi GF dia sebagai model. kena tag semua orang ni. setiap kali buka newsfeed, kluar muka GF dia besar2. don't you think kalau GF sendiri better jangan lah buat macamtu, jaga lah imej GF dan diri sendiri. macam, lain kan?

so i told the GF's bestfriend about this. how it is annoying to see things like that. in real life, i'm quite a straight forward person so i tell her what i need to tell.

you know what happened? the BF pegi post a status yang mencarut2 referring about me.

talking about mannerism and professionalism.

but as usual, i didn't entertain such stupidity.

Jlascanteen said...

eeii.. kenapa lah juga tu bofren begitu kebaruan mau tayang gofrennya dengan DSLR. Perfect pet peeve for me... public display of affection and slr faggotory.

patut as bofren dia melindungi gofren, bukan mendedah2kan gofren. Jangan kau layan orang yang kebaruan macam tu, mau sound perempuan guna status FB, kalau dia berani patut berdepan sama kau.

Bodoh punya bofren, kalau aku jumpa orang macam ni I would like to give him a kick on his balls, sadly he doesnt have any.