Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ahhh... Tuesday

Since recently I have vented sort of harsh opinion on "relationship and family value". I think I need to tune it down a bit.

Well, I was stalking as usual. I clicked the numerous links in Facebook. Yes, Facebook makes stalking much easier. I found quite a lot of people of my age are married or getting married. They are brave people. Brave enough to shoulder responsibilities as a married person.

By the way, nothing wrong about it.

Actually the story of invasive fish species in America is still bothering me. I want to discuss it. Err.. sort of. Nothing biggie about this. But, may be it is good if I can talk or discuss about this ikan toman's story with someone who actually cares. Cares about the topic- invasive species.

And lately, there are plenty of forest fires. Bushes are charred, accidentally or not. Landscapes turned into yellow to brown to black. Big trees, small trees, shrubs, grasses, and everything in it burned into ashes. Fog is the air that we breath. Dry spell is part of nature. About a year ago, I wrote a full page of essay or text about habitat disturbance. I still keep the essay, the original draft.

May be I'll share the essay later, in this blog or with someone who cares in future. No one really has read my essay, except me and my lecturer. Yes, the one who popped the question of habitat disturbance and I answered his question in text. I liked the question, I read three books or so to answer the questions. I still like them both, the question and the essay.

I want to talk about how the pioneer species re-colonized the disturbed forest. The effect of disturbance on species diversity. Etc. Etc. I am not ecologist, I only studied ecology in general. I want to study more about it. And now, is the perfect time to observe the changing environment. The formation process of bushes, forests, etc etc.

It's been a while since the last time I actually talk about bio-related topic. I talked more or less about chemistry recently. But not much. I dont think my former coursemates from Old Campus want to talk about invasive species, ecological disturbance, or something alike anymore. They are busy getting engaged, getting married. Some of them even put some effort to separate themselves apart from boring real discussions of biology, the very field they studied for three

Nobody cares about how do you feel about it. To quote a friend. Or so call friend.

Apart from invasive species and habitat disturbance, I want to talk about the documentaries I watched on History Channel. In other words, I want to talk about histories.

Just like the invasive species topic, nobody cares about it. Btw, who is talking about Sino-Japanese war while having ordinary lunch at ordinary dine on ordinary weekday? I cant do that, even if I want to. It is bad for perception or marketing. I am almost certain, I will have my lunch alone for few weeks if I start talking about world war 2 on lunch table.

Nobody will go for a second date with you if you are talking about taxonomy of primates on your first date. Of course there is exception,you have a good chance to go for a second date if your date is a primates taxonomist. But nobody wants to read research paper before out for a date right?.

We, scientist or so we are called, are pretty normal, we blog, we watch movie, we eat, we breath just like a postman, just like a teacher, just like a taxi driver. We are normal. We are mortal. Just sometimes, we insert scientific related issues in our small talk and become passionate about it and eventually kill the ordinary conversation. Forgive us for that. or Forgive me for that.

It is good to have someone to talk about everything that you like and listen to him/her while he/she talks about everything that he/she likes.

Two way communication? may be.

P/s: with Mr. B, I can afford to be stupid, pseudo-right, or whatever. I can always count on Mr. B.

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