Friday, February 12, 2010

Surat Pembeli Ayam Goreng.

Dear Loverbirds,

Please do me a favour, when you are queuing to buy fried chickens for dinner, please do not meraba-raba your girlfriend's buttock or meraba-raba your boyfriend's belly and chest.

I know you want to make point, "this hot chick is my girlfriend" or "this fair skin guy is my boyfriend". Pegang tangan cukup lah mangkok!.

I know you are in love. But geezz Luigi!, please please do the meraba-raba stuff in your bedroom or in your car or somewhere except in public or not in front of me. Hilang selera aku nak makan ayam goreng ok.

You are an adult. An adult couple in a relationship. Not a hormonal teen couple who want to go inside each other's pants. Err.... of course you too want to go inside your grilfriend's/boyfriend's pants, but please be more civilized. May be for you it is romantic to rub your girlfriend's buttock, or to sniff your boyfriend's neck. It is romantic if, you do it in private. At food joint? well it is immature and it is cheap. Looks like you two are poor, and could not afford to get a room, therefore you have to snuggle in public.

Pembeli Ayam Goreng yang berbaris dibelakang anda.

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