Thursday, February 18, 2010

Second Beach Tanjung Aru.

Extra long weekend. Shopping malls sunyi sepi sebab kedai tutup. maka mari kita picnic.
Second Beach Tanjung Aru, I think the last time I went here when I was 11. I always go to First Beach (same beach, different entrance), but Second Beach, quite rare. It is beautiful there.

When I was young (in 90's), this place was my family's most favourite weekend hang out. We ate lot lot lot of Nasi Ayam here. Always Nasi Ayam. Always. Ahh.. what a memory.

so last monday, Orang kampung ajak pergi berpiknik2.

reminiscent good old days~! I must say. So I took some photos with my K770i (yang kejap2 tidak boleh read memory card, macam mau minta ganti ni). so enjoy. I took it, simply because, I think good memory shall be frozen in form of photo. so tunggang langgang sahaja my photo. (I love beautiful photo, but I have no passion in photography).

Cliche blue sky and long stretch beach. But beautiful indeed.

All I can think was, THE OMATICAYAN!
The HomeTree. May be I shall learn Na'vi. (ok someone is Avatar-overdosed)

The cloud

Horizon senget. orang kata dosa besar dalam photography lanskap. tapi.. peduli apa aku. look at the penetrated with sun ray clouds.

look at the sun ray and cloud. ignore the senget horizon.

kalau masuk dalam laut time ni, kompom mengelupas kulit.


I was tiarap in the tent, when I captured this.

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