Saturday, February 27, 2010

Not so secrets.

1. I listen to Brorey Marantika's songs. I dont hide it. Neither do I really open about it.

2. I am always interested in political stories. I dont really hide it. But I am selective with whom I talk about it. Some people just plain dont like it, some are just too fanatic. For me, what is wrong is wrong even it is come from Fatah, what is right is right even it is come from Nazi.

More on politics;

I dont care whether Anwar is right or wrong. Let the court judge him. If he is right, he has nothing to hide, he was framed, Allah SWT will helps him. Brave for the truth.

But I hate whenever people question why his wife, Azizah stands by her man. He is her husband, father of her children, what do you expect? of course a good wife will stand by her husband, and a good wife she is. She is a strong woman, she will through this ordeal. May Allah SWT bless her and her family.

Leave Azizah alone. If you hate her husband, go after him.

not just Azizah, same rule goes to other wives too. If you are strong enough, go and pound your enemy, not his wife.

3. I am messy. Never proud of it. But I do less to hide it.

4. I am lousy in doing house chores. I dont like to wash dishes. Thats it. I dont iron my shirt thats it. If people judge me because of my crumple shirt, then so be it.

5. I am my kampung's child at heart. Always. Both of my parents are from the kampung, so were their parents, and their parents' parents. Yes, in biology this is what we call inbreeding. My paternal great great grandfather were from Temburong District Brunei Darussalam. So I do have very thick Brunei blood and tounge. I didnt speak Bahasa Melayu (Bahasa Malaysia) until I was 18.

Even so, I always like languages and dialects. I learned Arabic before, French for 1 month and German for 2 semesters. And still learning how to write and speak in English.

(Ya, Orang Malaysia mesti pandai English, bukan American ya, English!. Mesti pandai tulis, pandai bicara dengan fasih dan bebas dari kesalahan tatabahasa. Jika tidak, sukar untuk melakukan segala-galanya, sukar untuk dapat pekerjaan, sukar untuk berurusan di bank atau pejabat, sukar untuk memesan kopi berharga RM15 secawan di Kedai Starbuck. Segalanya akan jadi sukar jika anda ialah Orang Malaysia yang lahir pada tahun 1980's ke atas tapi tidak fasih bertutur dan menulis dengan baik dalam English. Ingat, bukan American ya, English!).

I can understand common Kelantanese dialect. I even could text in Kelantanese when I was in ukm. I can speak simple Kelantanese words. I have no problem mingling with Kelantanese, plus I like Nasi Kerabu. Even my ex roomate is a Kelantanese, and her mother's Nasi Kerabu is the best Nasi Kerabu ever!.

I can understand Melayu Sarawak very well. But my Sarawak tounge is rusty. I cannot speak it as good as before. Took me about 2-3 months to understand the dialect. I can understand Loghat Utara too. My Utara friends always teased me whenever I used the northern dialect inappropriately. And southern street slang is the one I fancy the most. My Johorean friends usually use very creative street slangs, like "koruk mu", "wak lu", "sengal", "air gedegang", "pengong".

Nogori's probably the most difficult dialect for me to understand.

Sadly I dont understand Dusun and Bajau languages. I used to understand simple Bajau words back then, because I have Bajau cousins.

So I have no problem with Malaysian dialects and accents. Be it Sarawakian, Kelantanese, or Sabah (e.g. people from Tawau have very distinctive accent).

6. I used to hate homosexual or gay people. HATE. Until I watched a documentary about homosexual behaviour in animal kingdom. That particular documentary changed my view.

I never approve homosexual behaviour among human. NEVER. but along the way, as I grow up, I have known some gay people, and they are very nice. I mean they are simply good people. They are just practicing or being gay.

I know a gay guy who is very kind, very sensitive, and very loving. He loves his parents and family so much, he doesnt curse around like I do. He is a good guy. Always refer to his (ex) boyfriend as his best friend (I assume they are an item or were an item).

I think I have stopped judging human base on their sexual orientation. It is sinful, it is against religion. If they want to be gay, it is up to them. We have enough hatred in this world.

I dont hate people simply because they are gay or they are straight. I like people for who they are, as a person.

And I am surprised on how people these days accepted gay relationship. I mean, a friend, a muslim friend, simply uploaded photo of him and his boyfriend, and declared they are romantically involved. It is unusual for conservative like me. And seems like people around them accept the relationship as it is.

I am muslim, and in Islam, homosexual behaviour is something forbidden. I simply follow my religion. My religion also taught me to love my fellow muslims. And I simply follow that too. I will never approve homosexual behaviour anyhow. But I wont hate those gay friends simply base on their sexual orientation.

Sexual orientation (e.g. homosexual, heterosexual) is identity and sexual activity is behaviour.

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