Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My boyfriends

Razman will be transferred to LD. Wishing all the best for my dear. I miss you, but I couldnt say it whenever you call me. For me it is not cool to do so. I am a wannabe. Cool wannabe. I am sorry for not informing you earlier that I have submitted my final draft. Classic me. Thanks for your support and your calls. I miss you so much.

Yesterday, he called me, asked for my opinion whether he shall stay or move. He hesitated. I gave my opinion. Thanks buddy for valuing my say. I am happy if you are happy. And this reminds me sometime back then, I asked him once whether he wants children. He said, he wants to have his own kids. We were 18, and he was certain with his decision. I never asked him the same question again (err.. beside, I remember this because some friends are getting married or about to have their own comrades a.k.a children).

Looking forward to see you again. And please remind me to take our photo together next time. Felt awkward the last time we met.

Recently, I always think about Nel. Especially when the light is off. This is one of reasons why I prefer to sleep alone. After he left, I tend to cry before I sleep. His facebook account has been deactivated. Still I cant see our pictures together. I dont have enough gut to do so. I know I will cry.

I miss him so much. I am afraid I didnt show you enough love back then. Always miss you brother, always love you. Al-Fatihah for my beloved Nel.

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