Thursday, February 11, 2010

Marketing by The Syko.

Sex sells. It is a fact. Of course your marketing lecturer wont emphasize this matter in your class. But audible or not, Sex sells.

Ok, stop.

I attended a talk about an education product earlier this evening. I think the 2 hours talk was quite long as they took my dinner time. I am not into business, I dont really like business, but I do like money. I attended as a favour for a friend. Beside, I went to the same college with all those business representatives. So kind of meeting "old friends from college". All of them are resigned or about to resign engineers.

I wont share the detail of the product here.

What I can say is, I rarely trust any product sold by multi level marketeers or alike or by direct selling scheme. How can I market a product I cannot trust?

Recently, few business opportunities knocked my door. First was the selendang business, which was relatively good. It was a straight business, no scheme, no pyramid, no downliner nor upliner. Just sell the selendang and collect the cash. I generated RM30. But I didnt make even a cent. I sold the selendang also as a favour. For a friend of a friend. I didnt ask for a cent.

I am just glad I actually sold something. For real. And generated real money (For others haha).

I can make money from selling selendang. A person like me sell a selendang? that is unbelievable. But I did. That was a trial. A sudden trial. The result? RM30 cold hard cash (For others).

Second, health products. But I didnt really pay attention. Also a favour for a friend of a friend. They gave me flyers to distribute.

Tonight, education product. I love education. But I am not a natural teacher. neither am I a business minded person. Personally, I prefer traditional method of teaching and learning. Kids today missed opportunities to watch empty blackboard turned into board with colourful notes and they missed the fun of learning with teaching apparatus made by creative teachers.

I dont know what next. I am sure MLM scheme is always peeping for the next downliner (read: victim). Luckily I dont have money. Ok, I lie. Let me rephrase. Luckily I dont have money FOR those MLMers. My money is enough for my needs, not enough to start a business or join another Ponzi-like scheme.

We, like money. For young (hahaha), single, and jobless like me, it is not fun to watch your fellow friends distribute their business card, while you only have your student card with you.
It is not fun to watch your friend bought and drive their own cars, while you only drive your dad's car.

Once in a gathering, my friends talked about swiping their credit cards, while I confessed to them I am still in school, and still dont have any job, let alone a credit card.

I am tired complaining. I think I said fuck more than 20 times today. I am enough with hatred, but I still have desire. The desire to own something nice. To own RM400++ tennis shoes, and I dont play tennis. I dont envy those with credit cards, let them be.

My life is plain enough. Sometimes I want to keep it like this. I dont need MLMers to tell me in front of my face that their scheme is the best.

I just want to enjoy oxygen while it is free.

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