Friday, February 12, 2010

Friends by The Syko.

Am I stupid? I think so. At least for now. I have 5 chapters to correct. Yet I am still here, writing down my piece of crap.

Malasnya mau cakap pasal Kodek Gigas ku itu.

Err.. some friends located my family residence. Iya, rumah aku lah itu. Not exactly my house, my parents' but yes I stay there. Cuma lama sudah tidak balik. Jemput datang, bila-bila masa, asalkan talipon lah dulu. (yeah Virtual Jentayu, just in case you are reading kan... please keep the content of my blog to you ok... dont share with your roommates. hahaha, nanti suruh mereka sendiri masuk sini, kalau mau baca).

I rarely jemput2 orang ni, as I am the worst hostess. once my friend visited me at my house, sudah 3 tahun tidak jumpa, but I forgot to offer her a drink. entah apa2 kan aku.

What else? Topik Kahwin. Again. As usual. Talk about scientific experiments, in the end, the closure is always about kahwin. Talk about cars, in the end, kahwin. Talk about death, in the end kahwin. Kahwin, repeated over and over again like corrupted cd stuck inside the cd player.

What else? ahh... I found out, A guy friend of mine, who dated my friend, suddenly curious about my status. He asked his girlfriend, and kabomb... she is infected. Curiosity can be very contagious.

The story began with, I was going out for a lunch with a guy friend. Just a friend. Purely platonic. And we bumped with the curious guy. My first reaction was, "Ahh Sudah..".

Well as perasan as I sounded, still I was right. He remained silence for a while, then the curious guy asked his girlfriend (my friend) whether I am dating someone or not.

Of course the girlfriend could not produce proper answer, and she answered "I dont know". Guess what, this "I dont know" is not helping to stop the curiosity. She asked another friend, and the circle continue.

Tidak apa, aku tidak marah. ala.. aku tahu, once you peeps see me out with a guy. biasalah tu orang tertanya2 kan. hahaha. the problem is, I am guy friendly, I often go out with guys. sebab tu aku jarang berjalan with my guy friends di hot spot. cari tempat yang sembunyi2 sikit. kamu jangan marah pula aku bring this out in blog (kalau baca lah).

First of all, I am single. Secondly, I wont reveal the detail of my love life in Facebook. We are friends, so just in case I am dating someone or I want to share something personal with my friends, I prefer to tell them personally rather than leaking the detail via Facebook beforehand.

Do you think I am going to announce my engagement in Facebook before I tell my close friends personally? NO. Neither will I invite people to my wedding through photo tagging in Facebook. I will invite you personally. May be via email, but I will write to you. Of course I will announce later. But I prefer to do it in private first.

Next time, ask me directly. I wont lie. I promise. If I am dating someone, I will acknowledge the relationship. Doesn't mean I will provide you with every detail of my love life. But I wont lie.

I have very limited circle of friends. Once, when friends visited my house for hari raya, my brother actually thought they are friends I met via Facebook (Gilak kah apa jemput kawan internet pigi rumah, abang aku ni kan... hish). Yes, my siblings especially my brothers often think I DONT HAVE REAL ORGANIC FRIENDS (aku ada kawan ok, walaupun sikit, kawan juga bah itu).

I appreciate friends that I have and had. I dont mind to add one or two. Just I am very careful, to minimize stabs.

Jangan risau. This Loser is simple and plain. Just an ordinary girl, more or less the same eleven years old who said to her friends, she wants to be a scientist.

And today, I am still tied to honour the eleven years old's words to her friends. To be a scientist.


JAIRO said...

bukan kawan2 mu semua lelaki ka?

Jlascanteen said...

nda lah ramai jua bini2. tapi kalau keluar ramai2, biasa aku join boifren durang, sbb member2 bini2 kan mambali tisu pun 15 minit. batahnya mengunjar purse dalam beg lagi... haha. kali sudah mengampaikan tisu kan dibali dikaunter, ramas2 dalam beg, ada lagi sebungkus tisu balum bepakai.... how classic!