Saturday, February 6, 2010

Do another petition and remove him once and for all.

A lot of things happen lately. Me and my friends gathered more often to lose some steams. biasa lah kan meluahkan perasaan ni. I am glad I am surrounded by these people, more or less we understand each others' pains. To hear some unfortunate news on how fellow students have been bullied and mentally abused by so call academicians, well it is really make me sad and angry at same time. The post grad students dont have strong guild to fight for our right. Last time I know, the post grad association was headed by an Algerian. Where is he now? I heard he got the whole house for himself and his family, while the locals have to share with others (5 heads per house). The HEP is incapable to throw out the errand tenant like the Jordan girl who has been squatting in house no. 2, even though she is no longer a student. sudah grad pun. Contoh klasik Arab kurang hajar.

ala, bukan ramai sangat pun arab jordan di Sabah ni. senang saja mau detect perempuan tu.

Anyway, congratulation to Virtual Jentayu. (you know congrat pasal apa kan)

Next time collect petition to oust the stupid pengetua. he is so stupid. Collect signature to remove the pengetua, send it to NC, TNCs, Dean, Deputy Deans, and of course use the media, Sabahkini portal or Daily Express. Do it. They have been bullied us, the clients for quite sometimes now.

If they refuse to entertain the needs of the students (= clients). send an article to Sabahkini portal. If it is uploaded, I will more than please to screenprint the article.

Now it is time to return some blows. I prefer underbelt blows (even though there is no need to punch the southern most department, because they have no balls there!).

The root of all problem is the pengetua, he moved the tenants from the safer housing to less secure and poorly maintained place which houses are without iron grills. 3 break in cases within 3 months. what next? wait until someone dies?


green apple said...

ahahah..kasik management uni kau baca blog ko ni baru dia gabra.

Jlascanteen said...

very the bangang pengetua tu. adakah dia kata kalau pelajar kena bunuh atau rogol semasa kat kolej, itu sudah nasib. apa punya jawapan ntah.bukannya nak buat langkah pencegahan ke apa...

tapi dah buat petition dah pun.

Ainil said...

suma org risau kecuali pengetua n JPP, from my opinion la..xpa, let us fight for our right!hehe

Jlascanteen said...

keep on fighting. lately kan bila kumpul dengan kawan2 mesti ada saja keluar cerita 'tertindas'. kalau kita diam2 kena steamrolled lah.