Monday, February 1, 2010

Baju Kurung 2

I pissed too soon. Actually the Baju Kurung is really really really good. It is comfortable, it is beautiful, it is orange, the fabric is so soft, and not skin revealing as I thought earlier. Oh sorry my Baju Kurung, saya tersalah sangka. Sorry Ma, I love you even more.

I was *inhale really really really pissed *exhale when the first time I saw the Baju Kurung. But I was wrong. Remember girl, YOUR MOM IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Listen to her, ok.

This Baju Kurung is sooooo awe *wait for it* some!, and almost everyone tegur my Baju today. (sebenarnya ini kali pertama pakai baju kurung pergi Lab). I dont have to dress in ringed out of planet kind of outfit (like Lady Ga-Ga) to turn people's head. Simply, I don in english cotton-floral printed orange Baju Kurung. Walla~ I am the Ga-Ga of today.

Actually I craved for english cotton baju kurung for quite sometimes, (may be since I watched Amani with white baju kurung in SilkyGirl Commercial or in her movies). To add some sugar, this kain ela dipilih and dibeli oleh my Ma as birthday present. I got two presents for my last bday (2 sahaja, dah kira banyak ok).

masa mula2 ambil dari dressmaker baju ini terasa sangat nipis dan mendedahkan kulit (terasa sahaja). I was sulking like mad. because it is my bday present from my mom, and the end product is under my expectation. then I sulked, of course my Ma bukan banyak masa untuk pujuk aku. Take it or leave it. There goes my bday present. (I know I sound very BIMBO).

Then in the end I took it. The Baju Kurung tergantung di almari for another 2 weeks. sebelum I have gut to put it on today. Earlier today when I woke up, I decided to put it on. And I like it.

Took me 2 weeks to decide to wear bday present from my Ma. (Apa jenis cerewet lah aku ni?). Usually I am not. cuma dah lama nak baju kurung english cotton corak bunga kecil2. But anyway.. I like my baju kurung as it is. And I Love My Mother Very Much.

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