Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Last night or emmm earlier this morning, I spent more than 2 hours to manage my email inbox; deleting Gajillion bytes of notifications from Facebook, downloading attachments, replying emails, reading forwarded junk mails. Other than that, I did some documents back up. The constantly disconnected network was successfully slowing me down.

I dont know which will be my official first Baby, to date, I dont know whether my work during my final year in Bangi was already published or not. if yes, I dont know whether my name was included. May be, I have first born, without knowing it existent.

My name is included in another paper, which manuscript is already in the mail box of editor, yet published, but hopefully soon. I read the full manuscript last night, well.... it is well written (not by me of course). If the paper is accepted, then my little contribution in Java will be my first full paper publication.

I have one official publication, but it is not full paper. Still considered as publication though. I am struggling to finish and present my full volume. I must do it, before I face another gauntlet to prepare the full paper. Anyway, I published something during my two yo-yo years in this campus. So, more or less, I contribute something to my field. That's count ok!. I need the credit.

When I enrolled into this yo-yo program I set my aim to publish paper. At least one. I did, more or less I scored my aim. It is miserable, roller coaster, cursing spree, yo-yo dual or triple life, heartbreaking, freezing in hell years, I cant wait to finish this. I cursed almost everything within these two years. A lot, I must say. Way more than curses I ever said in 22 years.


Yesterday and today are considered as my most progressive, productive days since months ago. I finished writing description for 2 families in 2 days. I re-do my drawing, my very important finding, but sadly it is awfully drawn.

I dont know what to plan actually, what I do is I keep on working whenever I want to work, that's it. No specific plan or schedule. If I have to stick to my plan and schedule, I will curse more and more. Very bad for my cardiac, and of course makes my sins list goes longer.


Facebook is boring, at least to me. I think my interest with facebook is already reached its optimum point and now the intensity is gradually decreasing. Is it good? I dont know.

Oh yeah, still not finish reading my 2-3 books. When will? I dont know.


It's been a year or so since my last jalan-jalan, to Brunei and Kudat (December 2008). I went to Java, last year, but for work (which manuscript is already in press). It was my first time, I really enjoyed during my stay there.

This year, I got two invitations to join course/conference related to my field, one in Kedah, another in Singapore. I want to participate but I dont have money to pay the fee. Ok, I lie. I have money but it is not for course/conference fee.

I want to go to Penang, to eat Penang char kuey teow, but still I havent register the online banking thingy, so I cant purchase ticket online.

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