Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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Kereta rosak. Lagi. Aku sudah habis marah dan maki. Malas sudah marah marah. Nasib baik masa tidak boleh start tu aku sudah sampai dekat bilik. Masa tu subuh dalam 5.00-5.30 pagi. Aku baru mau balik dari lab masa tu.

Habis plan segala terkensel serta merta. Nasib baik ada kawan yang tumpangkan aku ke lab lepas tu. Hari ini aku duduk bilik sepanjang hari. Makan pun, makan saja apa yang ada di bilik ni.


ni aku mau cerita pasal orang aku, 'my people' and Facebook.

Facebook sekarang sudah jadi kaunter aduan rakyat. Bila jambatan tidak siap, tulis status di Fb, bila, gula mahal tulis status di Fb, pendek kata anything happened under the sun or under the cover semua orang update status di Fb.

They fight tooth and nail over litar lumba motor, bustop, empty gerai, gelanggang futsal, gelangang bola tampar, and who knows what else. bottom line is they fight and ready to spill lager over petty things.

above all, they do acknowledge one thing. They are poor and there are others who are richer or appeared to be richer than them. some people rich some people poor. no big deal. but when the poor people get envy with the rich people, and all this poor chap do is yapping and yapping about how the richer is taking so call wang rakyat and wang rakyat. The richer wont get poorer, and the poor chap wont get richer. That part, the poor chap do not want to acknowledge.

'my people' are suck ass. They gamble day and night, drinking cheap alcohol or smuggled beer at night, and scratching their balls. In between they log in their Facebook and complaining about that bridge, this futsal court, this bustop. And then, log out their Facebook account and main judi katam-katam, and share 2 botol beer minum 14 orang. And the cycle continue.

sudah lah miskin, with low salary, then finish the every cent in your pocket to gamble in fucking katam-katam game, and gulping a bottle or two tiger beer. No wonder you are miskin mangkok! Celaka jahanam punya orang.

and then when arrogant umno people drive 4 wheel truck, these beer drinking katam-katam gamblers get jealous, and crap their pants by chanting slogan wang rakyat wang rakyat. 'Wang rakyat' is there, for those 4wd driving umno rats 'wang rakyat' means peluang. And they are smart enough to grab it. Do you think this peluang grabbing umnos can buy a 4wd if they are scratching their balls and betting all their money in fucking katam-katam game? fuck your answer. because your answer is full with excuses

I am not a fan of umno or umno rats. but at least these rats grabbed whatever peluang they get and change their lifestyle. in other words they are working. yes, working. Their honesty in what they do is not for me to judge, but at least they are working, not just lazying around and complaining about futsal court here and there and then go playing katam-katam and gulping down smuggled tiger beer. Fuck them if they do. But at least, mereka bukan mendengki sepanjang hari, sepanjang minggu, and then update status facebook whining like ho about bustop.

my people yang suck ass katam-katam gambler ni, bukan tidak bekerja.They do have job. but.. well it is low paid job. and they get envy with those umno rats yang duit banyak. These katam-katam boys are male with penis, they too want to get married, just their salary is not enough to pay for wang hantaran, and since they cannot afford for wang hantaran in anyhow, the last cent in their pocket is disedekahkan kepada tokey katam-katam.

by the way, I am glad these katam katam fuck cannot afford wang hantaran. because if they do, then they can get married. And then bini dia beranak, and produce katam-katam gambler junior. but still the katam-katam gambler senior akan melalak, komplen, whining like ho, when his junior masuk sekolah and he cannot afford to pay for yuran pibg. still salahkan government, walaupun the father was sooooooooo stupid, and did not use condom at the first place. Condom is cheaper than child care you moron!.

Back to main issue. why these katam-katam gamblers get low paid job? yes.. dear they have low education background. listen, katam-katam wont change your lifestyle, education does. And like any other trouble maker across country, these katam katam gamblers started as budak merokok di tandas sekolah, as pemonteng sekolah, as kaki pukul, as kaki gaduh. Cikgu dah awal-awal surrender, and they continue with the path they have choose. And ended as katam-katam gamblers.

They are trapped in vicious circle of poverty. Their parents were poor. When they were in school they decided to skip the science class and joined others beating the rival gang to half dead. 10 years later, their get low paid job, and they still mau betting main katam-katam. boo hooo..... mangkok.. miskin celaka tidak sedar diri!!!!!

Itu lah, the oldest nasihat in book said, "belajar rajin-rajin". But those katam-katam gamblers didnt listen. and now they are fucked up. All they can do is komplen sana sini orang lain kaya than them. boooo fucking hoooo...

of course, they think by joining PKR or the Anwar Gang would change their life. again Boo fucking hoooooooo..... people who think like this are delusional and in denial. They are too lazy to help themselves and seek asylum in Anwar's ashram instead, the very ashram with temporarily placebo effect, and this katam-katam gamblers need it more than ever. so they can feel less suck about their soooooo fucked life.

if you want to change your nasib diri, change it yourself, not waiting for magic hand of Anwar to change it for you. Your MP cannot change your nasib, your YB may be can help you, but to eventually transform you to a better person, with better earning to afford mas kahwin for your lady it is YOU, yourselves.

And first of all, kick the habit. Stop betting in katam-katam fucking game, stop drinking tiger beer jahanam. And use your energy to work, and to learn or anything to transform everything to be better.

leaving the katam-katam mat empty is a good start. yes, you fuck, I am not kidding, NOT playing katam-katam is a virtue. It is good for you. katam katam fucked your life most of the time, so just damn leave it.

what make me sad or pissed or whatever. These very people went to school with me, we practically grow up together. and they ended as katam katam gamblers with cheap salary and delusional PKR fanboy. I understand, if they political view is PKR, but they hope for PKR to change things for them, that part is too good to be true. even if PKR rules... if these gamblers dont want to change themselves, as katam katam gamblers they shall remain.

they demand field to play football or futsal or badminton. and then play some katam-katam at night. thats all. they are the easiest crowd to entertain. but the entertainment itself dragged them further into the darkest hole of stupidity, ass-holeness, and also poverty.

after all, who wants to entertain demand of a bunch of balls scratching lazy beer drinking katam katam gamblers?

again. stop the drinking and stop gambling. Even Johnny Soparanos told Tony not to gamble. Gamble is bad. Drinking is evil. They just dont fuck get it. They refuse to get it. fuck them.

How can YB helps you if you are not willing to help yourself at the first place?.

and in Fb, they clearly stated, they hate orang belajar tinggi tapi tidak tahu mengenang budi. what budi they talk about i dont know. of course in society, somehow they contributed something. But if they demand reward for their contribution. Fuck them.

you know what kind of person who hate orang belajar tinggi? yes, orang yang tiada pelajaran. they had their chance, they blew it without thinking. Masa belajar main-main, masa main main-main, masa kerja main-main.

what a waste!

and all of them are my saudara mara. And yes, they are Muslims. I dont know how to help them. therefore I kutuk them here.

so kid.. this is why education is so important. do listen to good advice. do your mathematics homework. yes I hated homework too. but just get it done. nothing harm with it.

Education or Ilmu cannot guarantee you 4wd truck, or sekarung duit, or enough wang hantaran for your lady. But at least with education you are few steps away from becoming low paid labour who finish his salary in gambling and beer. kerja gaji banyak or sikit, bukan masalah sangat. as long as bekerja yang halal yang baik, fine. masalah besar sini ialah orang gaji sikit yang menghabiskan gaji yang sikit itu dengan berjudi dan meminum arak.

Poverty is evil. We must eradicate poverty with education. And education is a very very very tricky thing to do. dont believe me? look at PPSMI mambo jumbo...

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