Sunday, January 31, 2010

more and more friends are married.

Two friends are married today. Congratulation to Faridah & husband and Sumiati & husband. Well I didnt attend both weddings. I hate wedding, remember?. Actually I am in KK and both weddings were held in Kampung.

I cant rational marriage. I dont know. I am just not a married type. people get married, fine. I dont have problem with their marriage or them. Just most of the time I dont understand the relationship and married people.

Why do people get married anyway?

they have their personal reasons. but sometimes their reasons are so awful. most of the time they have common reasons. Like;

1. They dont want to be alone.

2. They are old. And they MUST have kids. They are in HURRY to reproduce. (btw, why?).

3. They want to do sex.

4. They have enough money, good job, car, house, can afford hantaran, good life. And by right, They should get married. Because that is what people with enough money, good job, car, house, can afford hantaran, and good life USUALLY do.

etc etc etc...

how many times people get married because of they want to, because of "I LOVE YOU". Worse if people get married because of "I SEX YOU". Well some of them do get married because of I sex You.

Most people get married because they cant stand being single. For women especially. They are afraid being single. They are afraid with social stigma (am I using this word correctly? correct me If I am not). Many of my friends cannot wait to get married. They are all over their guys. May be because of unconditional love. But, personally I think they are just too afraid being single or alone. They are afraid kena kutuk because usually orang mengata or mengutuk those who are in their late 20's but still single.

well, we are designed as social creatures. It is our fitrah to have partner (or partners).

I am single. I am not afraid being single. Not now (or not yet). I dont have plan on this particular issue. For now, I prefer being single. I have no worry with my age, I am 24 going 25 and still single. And I like it. I am not in hurry to reproduce. I am not sure whether I want progeny or not. For now, whenever I see parents tangled with their (restless) kids in food joints or restaurants, I said quietly to myself. I am happy I dont have kid. At least for that particular time.

When people ask (about when will I get married). Either I give them the lamest proper answer or I ridicule the question.

We, at some point fall into circle of insecurity. Earlier this day after I had very very thick and sweet chicken lemon with rice and very tawar hambar barley drink, I said to myself, I will buy a sport car if I dont get married by the time I am 40. And that is an example of insecurity.

but soon after that, I told myself, If I buy a sport car, I will feel like stupid after few minutes .

And I do think those who get married just because they are afraid of kena kutuk kerana tak kahwin are simply feel insecure with themselves.

I am not against married. Please, do get married. I wont stop you. I am muslim, I cant against married. Just I dont think I'll fit well in such kind of relationship. May be I am wrong.

I dont know when will I get married, and I dont give a shit about it. So dont ask me.

p/s: the lamest question for newlywed would be soalan pasal anak and the first night question. I dont know why people are keen to ask newlywed about their wedding night. may be bergurau, but it is simply RUDE. Be civilized ok.

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