Monday, January 25, 2010

Live from chamber of depress

Kadang-kadang hidup ini boleh menjadi dramatik secara mendadak. Kematian boleh membawa kesedihan, keinsafan, dan juga peringatan kepada yang masih hidup.

Saying bad thing about the dead is not good. And this is not about respect, because respect need to be earned not given. This is about manner or adab, only those with lack of adab are willing to say bad thing about the dead. Not just that, it is inhuman to the family of the decease.

When someone dies, we pray for his or her soul well being. Or remain silent if you dont have any good words or prayer to offer. At least, give the family the times they need to mourn.


Mind is like a restless naughty boy. Most of the time it doesn't stop wandering.

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