Monday, January 18, 2010

Just a post.

I am not good in handling separation, let alone death. I accept my friend had returned to the creator, Allah SWT. I am just sad.

I hope I can appreciate life more.

What really shocked me other than sudden depart of my friend is, how bloody cold people's heart could be. Some people just ignore my message about Nel. Times do change people huh. And this really make me sad. More.

I know people move on with their life. Get married, having kids, have no time to entertain or concern about others, because they just busy. They are busy living, they dont care about death. I am ashamed I know these kind of people, and once very close to them.

I did my part, I did spread the news. On how people would react, that's definitely beyond my control.

My brother and sister never met Nel personally, but even them concerned about this sad news.

I spare those cold blooded hati kering people from my strong poisonous words because I love Nel. I know Nel himself was very forgiving and caring person. And those people were the very people he concerned when he was alive.

FR, I know we were just a phase in your so busy flowery life. But I cant accept your ignorance. Especially when you did it to my brother.

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