Sunday, December 13, 2009

Long silence soon forgotten.

I am pretty busy lately. Luckily we managed to find loophole in the system. Therefore, I have a little bit more time to finish my work. Yes, I am capitalizing the loophole, dont blame me, blame the system.

I was kinda schadenfraunde yesterday. The pASSca announced the policy of reducing the fee for those who have already submitted their notice will be effectively abolished soon. I reserve further comment on that issue to myself.

A lot of things happened since the last time I wrote in this blog. Mostly regarding my study. I have publication now, an abstract, even though I am not quite satisfy with it. I know long way to go. but My goal for 2 years have been fulfilled, at least partially, which to publish something. I did. This baby step, hopefully will induce more publication from me in future. I have few titles in my mind already, but for now, I think it is better for me to put them on hold. Since I have a very big gauntlet ahead, pocketing my certificate within 1 month or less.

I have already wrote my acknowledgment last night. not very long, rather concise, last time I wrote full acknowledgment I just mentioned one name, the rest were mere generally mentioned. This time I put few names.


To handle detoxification is a big hurdle. for the last couple of weeks or so, I have been enduring serious detoxification of internet. I try to handle it with more benefit activity; watching movies, The Sopranos, reading, and writing (which are good, I need to write, I must.)

I am happy, I read again, less and less time spent on scrollin' and lost in www. I havent finish my books. I have 2 books in queue now. On the lower note, I am worry about increasing frequency of my pilgrimage to the Holy 1B . Most of the time, because I need to eat something or to buy something, but I know I just give myself excuses, actually I just want to fill in the void. Before, the void was well occupied by internet, now, I need to find something else. Replacing one addiction with another, in my case, gives severe injured to my wallet.

The problem is not about my online life is disconnected, or I want to eat, or I want to shop. The problem is The Void. As long as The Void is there, all I need is to find the right filling.

p/s: lama tak blog, tiba-tiba entry macam haram.

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