Friday, December 25, 2009

just a note

When I read a paper sent me via email just now, I remember saw submerge Fissidens species near waterfall of Sg. Gabai, Selangor somewhere in 2007 (or may be end of 2006). I was with my friends, had a picnic because we were about to graduate soon. But I didnt collect the moss, with assumption it is common. Plus, I was there for a picnic not sampling, and of course I didnt want to look like a nerd. It is very small, but I was sure it is Fissidens, I could see the vaginant lamina (Yes, vaginant, not vagina, it is unrelated, not even close).

In paper I read just now, submerge moss is uncommon in Borneo, but there was new species of submerge Fissidens found in Kalimantan back then. Now I kind of regret for not collecting submerge Fissidens in Sg. Gabai. Lets hope it is common species.

On latest update of my dissertation, I found one or two moss which hadn't been found since 30-60++ years ago. Interesting isn't it?. well, I know it is not new record whatsoever, but still, I think it is important finding.

I have one more genus as addition to my collection, which beforehand couldn't be identified. Means, I have to reshuffle my identification key for genera. Which is not really amusing. I like the finding, but I hate to reshuffle the key. It is tedious.

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