Saturday, December 26, 2009

Am I Stupid?

Whatever I do, usually I have to do it twice or more. Like, when I go to somewhere, usually I have to patah balik, to check whether I locked my door or not. When I do laundry, I have to ulang alik to my room, because always I left something here and there, from berus kain to kain2. and the list go on.

Am I stupid? paranoid? or clumsy? or what?. Remember when I was labeling my specimens, oh my, it was like hell. I dont have steady hand. I repeated the same procedure about 4 times before move for next. I rarely cut the paper straight in first attempt. I am not neat person, flaw is makanan harian. even when I do something which has no room for tiny mistake.

I need to re-do my chapter 4. And it is a lot. It is not hard, but a lot. because I left 2 genera in my previous key, and I need to insert one new addition. I have already succesfully inserted the new addition, but for two others, I cant do it properly now, for I dont have proper literature, my specimens, and microscopes in my room. Oh I wish I can go to the lab now.

I checked my list before. Printed. Salah. Corrected. Checked. Printed. Salah. Again. And now I need to repeat all those. Again. This vicious cycle really eat me alive. Same thing goes to my drawing but in harder situation which I am not willing to share here, literally hurt me. but some people call ini lah belajar. Learn from mistakes.

I dont know why a clumsy like me stuck in a field which required me to be more accurate, or neat, or conscientious or something of the same effect?. I handle pretty small creature. It is hard for clumsy, loklak, butterfinger like I am.

This field is like a big mirror to me, show me my inability to be accurate and neat. In science, accuracy is must.

It is hard.


This one is special for Dude.

Dude, when you feel so in love, please do try hard to keep it private. A little display of affection is considered as sharing of happiness with others or may be romantic, but over doing it is simply annoying. No need to tell others how much you love your partner everytime you update your Fb status. I repeat, EVERYTIME. and It is appeared in newsfeed. Tell your partner in person how much you love her. enough. no need to share it with the whole world.

Cruel person will simply delete you from his/her friend list. but I am not that cruel. Keep it cool, Otherwise, people will wonder, whether you are loaded with testosterone or estrogene.

public display of affection is sooooooooooooo lame.


on Fb update,

I am deleting user with absurd username in my friends list. Please use your real name or your real nickname, or proper nickname. Puteri ayu, Night drifter etc etc is big no no to me. Go to friendster or my space.


I dont amuse with people who constantly asking other to belanja them. I hate such thing. I know it is good to treat your friends for lunch or dinner, but constantly asking "bila mau belanja?" is simply my pet peeve.

Personally, I malu when a friend pay for my meal. Because I know, I cannot afford to balas balik (belanja balik) he or she anytime soon. What I like is, we share the bill or separate the bill.

Aku tak belanja orang, kerana duit aku enough for myself. So, I rarely ask people to belanja me. Last time when my school buddies paid for my tea, I felt uncomfortable. Macam next time I bertanggungjawab to return their favour, even they never ask anything, it was not big deal at all to them, but for me it was.

Once in a while may be, minta dibelanja ni boleh lah dianggap sekadar bergurau. then ok lah. But constantly? oh please grow up!.

ingat tak kalau orang pergi mekah, kadang2 orang yang tak pergi pesan macam2; kain telekung, korma nabi, tasbih and so on. kononnya sebagai buah tangan dari Mekah. Bila saudara atau kawan kit pergi mana2 what we hope for them is they come back home safely. So tak payah mengada2 minta ole2, cenderamata, cenderahati, bagai. Jika diberi, ok, ambil lah. Tapi tak payah nak pesan2 semua, especially yang pesan air liur.

And being me, I dont really bother to buy people at home cendrahati, cendera kenangan whenever I travel. If any, sikit2 lah.

ability to afford your own meal is indeed a blessing. Dont waste it. and why not instead of asking others to belanja you, you yang belanja others.

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