Thursday, November 26, 2009

lacking of update.

I am busy. Beraya, long weekend, packing and moving. soon, it is time to say goodbye to my favourite suburbia. Alhamdullilah, finally I finished my lab work, from now on I am focusing on my writing. Now is the time to focus with full throttle, Insya Allah. I pray to Allah, to give me enough strength to do this, to finish this, it's been pretty long journey already, and I shall reach the destination soon.

Few days ago, while in the shower (I do quite lot if thinking in the shower lately... haha), I was thinking about writing my acknowledgement. I want to make it short, concise, and thoughtful. I am not good in words but I have already few sentences in my mind. see how bad I want to finish this? my volume is nowhere to be seen but I am ready to put the finishing touch. so, stop asking "Bila kau abis belajar?".

To Lini, thank you for all good wishes, seldom we talk to each other. It is good to hear the good wishes for my study during this time. we dont really know each other, but to hear such encouraging words from you, make me realize, sometime good things come from the least expected. all the best for you and your study too, keep it going, you can do it. we can do this.

To Ayang, thanks for listened to all my craps last night (and not just for last night lah... selama ini and now on), I need the talk, before I move 5 minutes drive away from you. It is good to have someone who is walking by your side, doing more or less the same thing, gulping down more or less the same craps. I know I can count on you. Hey, finish your lab work. quick!. forget the house, just keep on working. we can do this, whoever finish first, I promise to be there. and please do promise you'll be there for me too.

Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha.


green apple said...

lab work.

benda yang aku taknak buat dah.

Jlascanteen said...

lab work, macam never end. bila dah abis rasa macam tak percaya.