Wednesday, November 11, 2009


yes, I am still around. cuma sibuk dengan hal ehwal semasa, dan sibuk di dalam Facebook. ok by the way.. i purposely 'disconnected' myself. so i can hide, and had some fun with photos. otherwise, I end up slapping someone, and I'll get big slaps in return. it is time to chill, turn down a little.

whenever people start to dump every single tiny little mistake on me, well... being a bad tempered person myself, it wasnt easy to keep my mouth shut. misplace something blame it on me, kertas koyak blame it on me, piece of paper unevenly scrapped blame it on me, i couldnt find papers blame it on me, my mistake blame it on me, thing flipped upside down blame it on me, everything goes wrong blame it on me. oh Fuuu.... yes, luckily I have my sanity, if not the F word would fly like emm... you know how... I do make mistakes. but blaming everything on me is simply unfair.

some people think they are great enough and living a mistake free life. Have you forgot? WE ARE Humans. we do commit mistake. small, big, unforgiven, etc... we are mortals. and by blaming others you wont make things better. If I have done something wrong, well that was my mistake. but when I have done nothing wrong but something went wrong, please do not shove it into my throat like it was my fault. superiority is not a license for you to start act like bad arse bullies.

plant a spy to spying on me... cool huh! what next? a gigolo?

oh yeah about my english, for my whole life, I never been to England, America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand.... I dont speak English like Lt. Aldo the Apache. I am still learning. I am writing in English.. still learning, I cant write like Dicken. and I do read German. not as good as Herr Colonel Hans Landa (well, he is or was a German himself), I know basic Deutsch. still learning here and there. and as far as I know, you never learn German, so I know something that you dont, and you are to proud to admit it.

I dont appreciate sarcasm. and please stop act like SIYAL. SIAL. I warn, stop before I cut your throat.

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