Wednesday, October 28, 2009

dear anonymous,

reproduce below is a comment left by anon. in my previous posting here.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I disagree with you on this. I have always known God as Allah in my church since I learnt to speak and that was a long time ago as I'm 21 now. You guys are just making a big hype because you're now only finding out about our religion and that,from the wrong source. If you have akidah, you will not be afraid of us using the name Allah. I believe we have the same God but you Muslims make it seem like our God is different, then how can you confess that Allah is the only God if you don't admit we worship Him as well. Even Nabi Muhammad recognize that Muslims, Christians & Jews worship the same God. You are very ignorant. Don't be afraid of us, learn from us what you'd like to know. Don't jump to conclusions. God Bless.

Dear Anonymous;

It is ok to disagree since we here in vast virtual world are entitle to our opinion, and we can simply cowardly dropped anonymous comment in other's blog. In my previous post, it wasnt really about Christian or Church using 'Allah' in their prayers. It was about me reminding myself and asking my fellow Muslims to re-learn true path of Islam, to really understand the essence of Islam, and eventually to live and die as Muslims.

here is extraction from my previous posting just in case you didnt read it;

apa yang saya nak highlight kan disini bukan lah isu penggunaan perkataan ALLAH SWT semata2 tetapi berkenaan dengan umat Islam mestilah berpegang teguh dengan ajaran Islam dan hukum ALLAH SWT berpegang teguh dengan kitab Al-Quran dan sunnah Nabi Muhammad, Rasullallah SAW. mempersiapkan diri agar dapat mempertahankan akidah dan agama Islam yang suci.

in my personal opinion, God direct translation to Malay is "Tuhan". do you agree? can you deny Joshua Project is exist? can you deny what they do? can you deny Christians Missionary's method to attract the non Christian? by offering shelter, comfort, food, love and then a religion.

can I stop Christians from preaching their religion? NO. can you stop me from asking my fellow Muslims to relearn the true path of Islam? NO. I am not preaching, it is not my place to preach. but as you are, me too is entitle to my opinion. In the post, it was all about reminding myself and my fellow Muslims to stand our ground, to strengthened our faith to Allah SWT, to live and die as a true Muslim, to protect the purity of Islam.

you said, Allah is the same, for Muslim, Christians and all. but according to our akidah, Allah SWT is one and only. but to Christians, you guys have trinity concept which is contradict to Islamic akidah. do you know about this contradiction? see who is ignorant now. the difference is the way we 'treat' our God. do you know about this? for Muslims, Nabi Isa or Jesus is the son of Mariam. but for Christians, you know better i guess, what did your church told you about who is or was Nabi Isa/Jesus? care to share?

for Muslims, "Allah tidak beranak dan tidak diperanakkan" (Al-Quran; 112:3). if you can question about my akidah as a Muslim, and be ready to be questioned about your faith as a Christian. but I think, I shall leave your faith issues or trinity concept to yourself.

I am not afraid of your church use the word ALLAH. I am not afraid of Christians. Merely mortal we are. what come to my concern is about my fellow Muslims and their faith to Islam. can you stop me from expressing my concern to my dearly Muslims? absolutely not. are you trying to tell me to stop? you better not.

Bagi kamu agama kamu, Bagi ku agama ku. For you, your religion. For me, mine (Al-Quran; 109:6).

p/s: since i am mentioned about religions here, just in case i am wrong, corrections are welcome.

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