Saturday, October 10, 2009


Today I have 2 news, happy and sad.

1. first, happy news, earlier today, from news feed in FB, My cousin, welcome their 3rd baby. the newborn is a girl and my cousin and his wife already have a designated name for their newborn. The initial name is of course Dayang, to acknowledge our Brunei lineage. The 2nd name is Terra, which meaning is Soil or Earth, and of course she has 3rd name, i am not sure the spelling, but something sound very girly, like erisya or something alike. nothing official yet, but i am glad they consider 'Terra' as name of their princess. Terra is not only a girly name, the meaning is also reflecting the origin of human, from 'soil'. It is a beautiful name and tagged with humbling meaning.

2. around 8 pm today, I recieved sms from my friend Jazreen. The content of the forwarded messege was very sad, but i wasnt shocked. Our former teacher and Professor, passed away at 7 pm. not long after that, i recieved another same forwarded messege from Nina. I forwarded the sad news to our fellow friends, not everyone, but I am sure the messege is circulated among us. I am not sure where was Arwah, at home or hospital. He had been very ill for the last few days, my friend even described his condition was very heartbreaking to everyone.

i dont know much detail about his illness. but from friends, they said, he was suffered from cancer. for former students like us, he will be forever remembered as a teacher, a botanist and a passionate taxonomist. Good bye Pak Din, thank you for everything, we will miss you. Al-Fatihah.

screenshot from his weblog. Pak Din posed with his flower, the Rafflesia. Rest in Peace, Sir. Al-Fatihah.

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