Friday, September 25, 2009

You are losing them, wake up before too late.

it is hurt to write this. it's hurt more during this time.

your girls are good. the best children you ever had. your girls were damn good in school, damn good in college, never been in trouble. your girls never drinks, never been arrested, always there for you. Love you the way you are, pray for you well being... always.

yet in your eyes, your boys are always the better one, apples of your eyes, even your boys are boozers, always in trouble, never really good in school, even get dropped from college, scavenging your money. but all you do is nodding to whatever bullshit they do. yes, they are the rotten apples in the barrel, because of you. but you are in denial and fail to see it.

you are losing them. remember, once you lost them, they'll never return. not even for your money.

the least you can do is be fair.

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